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Marx Would be Pleased with Dems Spending Bill says Political Scientist

$3.5 trillion spending bill forces greater dependency
Sandpoint, Idaho -- $3.5 billion in new spending. The Democrat sponsored bill is labeled as “social and environmental reform.”  Democratic lawmakers say it will cost “zero dollars.” House Speaker, Nany Pelosi said, “let’s not talk about numbers and dollars, let’s talk about values.” The Wall Street Journal says $3.5 billion is a “phony number” based on “budget tricks” that disguise vast entitlement programs.
Dr. Jim Payne, a political scientist who taught at Yale, Wesleyan, and Johns Hopkins says the bill is another example of wrong thinking about government problem solving. In The Big Government We Love to Hate, Payne argues that rising inflation, over-spending, and massive budget increases (raising the national debt), will bankrupt the country. “Anything government attempts to provide—from schools to pensions to medical care—is likely to end up costing more.” Payne argues that provision of social serves costs twice as much as private provision of the same service.
The massive spending bill includes childcare, healthcare, and includes funding for the green new deal, subsidized housing, public transportation, and even a civilian “climate court”. Payne suggests this is unethical, forcing people to pay for services they never asked for. He says, “Faith is blind and unexplained.” Karl Marx urged the proletariat to wrest all control of all capital—to centralize all instruments of production. By putting economic, healthcare, and educational decisions in the hands of the state, you create massive dependency. “Marx had no conception his philosophy would be embraced by tyrants and mass murderers who would use government’s tools to foster their conception of utopian bliss.”
The system now being used to force taxpayers into a multi-year dependency is broken at its core, according to Payne. “Failurism has become a national disease, spreading across the land.” He refers to this as not a thought-out intellectual position but rather one based on feelings. This “deep emotional attachment” to government solutions has become like a traditional religion. The good news, says Payne, is that faith in the government is waning, especially during the pandemic. People both detest government and depend on it simultaneously. As promises breakdown, Payne says communities and individuals will need to step into the vacuum.

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