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How Dogs Are Making A Difference for God's Kingdom

From saving lives to helping the disabled or sick, assistance dogs
find purpose in serving
Maui, Hawaii – “I realized that dogs don’t have to speak in human voices for us to understand them. They have other ways of communicating to us” says Maureen “Mo” Maurer. “Dogs learn our spoken language which is so different than their own.”
Maurer was a successful CPA who felt God gave her a heart to help others. She gave up her practice and began the process of training dogs for people with disabilities. “We went to nursing homes, homeless shelters, veteran’s agencies, schools, and hospitals.”
In Wonder Dogs (Revell), Maurer recounts numerous stories of how dogs have saved lives, encouraged the downtrodden, and assisted those who could not do for themselves.
She struggled with her own cancer scare. Before she had the final results she made a simple prayer; “God, if You let me live, I promise to change what I’m doing with my life. I will dedicate my time to helping those in need.” Today, Maurer is founder and director of Assistance Dogs of Hawaii and Assistance Dogs Northwest. Her simple prayer wasn’t wasted as she’s trained hundreds of dogs – service dogs, hospital dogs, and courthouse dogs.
Many dogs master as many as 100 cues, helping with everything from groceries to interpreting nonverbal communication. Maurer is now working with medical bio-detection, training dogs to detect cancer and other diseases. “My hope is to bring them [clients] joy and to be a light in a dark place.”
“My job,” explains Maurer, “is to understand each one [service dogs] and help them reach their full potential.” She explains that certain breeds have an instinct to want to help and please the people they work with. Just as humans have a purpose and a call on their lives, she believes dogs can be the same.  They find their purpose when they are needed the most. She prays over her dogs and says, “I want to stay open to God’s plan for each.”


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