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“Children Are Not Wards of the State” says Educational Consultant

Parents have right under federal law to see instructional
materials used by teachers
Vancouver, Washington – “Parents have the ultimate right to determine what their children are learning in school” says educational consultant, Dr. Deborah Miller. “We cannot abrogate our parental responsibility to bring up our children – which means to be aware and involved in every aspect of their lives.”
In some public-school districts teachers and administrators are trying to keep parents out of any decision-making or interference in education. This includes the teaching of Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ indoctrination, and curriculum that denigrates faith or values. Miller believes we have been so focused on children’s physical safety that we have missed the social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs they have. But this is starting to change.
In her new book, Teacher, Do You Love Me? Dr. Miller argues that children have enough struggles as it is without parents or school boards playing politics. “Intentional parenting requires awareness,” says Miller. “What is your child learning in every subject? You have a right as a parent, under federal law, to see all instructional materials, regardless of format or context.”
“As Christian parents, our greatest goal ought to be to see our children become devoted followers of Jesus Christ, ones who are firmly committed to love God and love their neighbors.” This is not happening in public schools that often undermine parents, Christian values, and push impressionable children to question what they are taught at home. This is unacceptable, says Miller. “The Progressive death grip is destroying public education.”
As the pandemic upended the lives of millions of children, Miller suggests this is a prime time for parents to reconsider where their children are leaning and what they are learning. “It’s no wonder anxiety and stress levels have skyrocketed” she says. The only way to mitigate the impact of 24/7 negative news, social media, or indoctrination in public schools is for parents to step in and spend time with their children and learn what they are being taught.



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