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Facebook Bows to Pressure to Remove Christian Ministries Serving LGBTQ

Shutting down free speech for those who want help by calling it hate speech
Asheville, North Carolina – Ministries helping those caught in sex addiction have been removed from Facebook. Militant anti-free speech groups affiliated with the South Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and LGBTQ activists have forced Christian ministries off.
Denis Shick is the founder of Help4 Families (, a ministry that ministers to those who choose freedom from homosexuality and transgenderism. Shick knows firsthand the devastation of a transgender lifestyle since her father transitioned to become a woman. She explains the heartache, the confusion, the pain caused by those claiming to be “true to themselves.”
Shick is not the only ministry to be targeted. First Stone Ministries ( led by ex-gay, Stephen Black, has also been removed. Under the guise of “global extremism” because these groups believe people have a right to choose freedom through faith in Christ. According to an article in The Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE), “The big four–Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube–all say they ban ads for and promotion of conversion therapy.” But according to Shick, no one is pushing conversion therapy. It’s just a phrase being used to cancel Christian groups who take a stand for biblical truth which has always been about transformative change.
According to Shick, by de-platforming, removing, cancelling, or denying free speech, these groups leave countless thousands of people without help or hope. “Being branded as a ‘hate group’ because we believe in the power of Jesus Christ to change lives is absurd” says Shick. “It shows just how much power these groups wield in their attempts to keep their worldview from being questioned.”  


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