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Airline, Transportation Meltdown; Employees Resisting Mandates

Trust in government is waning as Americans feel a loss of freedom
Sandpoint, Idaho – The cancellation of more than 2,000 flights by Southwest Airlines sent the airline industry and stranded travelers into a near panic this week. Today, Amtrak and American Airlines are also experiencing delays and cancellations. Though Southwest has blamed the weather and air traffic control issues, the truth is more serious. Texas based American and Southwest are forcing submission of proof of vaccination by all employees by November 24.
Though the Pilot’s Association has denied deliberate walkouts were due to impending mandates over vaccinations, others are saying the grassroots disruption has nothing to do with weather. Backed up tankers off the coast, skyrocketing consumer costs for gasoline, groceries, microchip shortages – the economy shows signs of strain. According to Dr. Jim Payne, a former Yale and Johns Hopkins political scientist, the real problem is government interference. Liberal mandates have forced thousands of nurses, teachers, first responders, and now pilots out of jobs.
“When you give too much power to political leaders, even with the best intentions, you can end up with a vicious regime that suppresses human freedom and creativity,” says Payne. “The faith in government simply goes unexamined.” Now, it appears, people are pushing back against what they view as “public health” tyranny. The so-called shortages pushed by mainstream media are “man-caused” and “government-caused” says Dr. Payne. In The Big Government We Love to Hate, Payne shows how trust in government is in a freefall while expectations from the same government continue to increase. A paradox? Not really, explains Payne. We have come to reply on government to solve problems but anytime they try, it makes matters worse, costs more money, and leads to greater dependency.
Payne echoes what others have seen, the folly of adopting a policy of firing healthcare workers while at the same time claiming there is a raging pandemic gripping the country where healthcare workers are needed. This kind of government over-reach is what Dr. Payne calls “failurism.” The solution? Payne suggests major restraints on the use of force on citizens needs to end. And it means using greater economic pressure as well as decentralizing (shrinking government). As thousands of hard-working Americans are losing their jobs, Payne says those who love liberty and freedom need to engage in peaceful rebellion against senseless control.

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