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Why Addictions Are on the Rise

Americans the most stressed out people in the world
Seattle, Washington – You can blame it on the pandemic, stress, or persistent negative news but addictions were on the rise and they are even worse today. From drug and alcohol abuse to pornography more Americans are turning to anything they think will ease their pain.
Teens in the U.S. are more than twice as likely to use drugs than their U.K. counterparts. Women are addicted to prescription drugs, heroin use tripled in one decade, and Baby Boomers are using more drugs and alcohol in the past and overdosing in the process.
According to therapist and author, Dr. Gregg Jantz, says “The truth is, an addict is not blind. He or she often sees the consequences of their choice very well. But the nature of addiction guarantees that their need for the feeling that a substance or behavior delivers will always eclipse every other consideration.” In When a Loved One is Addicted (Hendrickson Publishing Group), Jantz identifies not just how addiction impacts the user but how it affects everything around them. He says, Trust is next to impossible, you always feel like you are second place, addicts are crazy-makers, and addicts often have questionable friends.
In America today, 21 million have at least one addiction and yet just 10 percent get help. Drug and alcohol deaths have more than tripled in three decades. Jantz says the factors are varied from depression and anxiety to compulsive disorders and stress. The life of an addict involves denial, lying, cover-up, shame, chaos, and lost time and money.
“I know that it is in God’s power to help cure disease and addition,” says Jantz “but almost always, I’ve seen healing happen over time, as people slowly walk step by step through a recovery process.” But to reach this process, it requires a willingness to recognize there is a problem and then act. Addicts are great excuse-makers, says Jantz. For those living with an addict, he says, “You didn’t cause the addiction, you can’t control it, and you can’t cure it.”
Although addiction was on the rise before the pandemic, it rose another 13 percent in the first few months, including deaths by alcohol. Dr. Jantz says there is always hope and help for those who are willing to make it a priority. We don’t need to live as captives.


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