CLLAIM FINAL NEWSLETTER                                                                                               DECEMBER 2020
CLLAIM Project developed and is a part of the first International Additive Manufacturing Qualification System (IAMQS), that includes different training centers around the world, with the purpose of attributing harmonized qualifications.  
The system is composed of different bodies:
  • AM Council -  one of the entities that manages the IAMQS and is also responsible for supervising activities within the system. 
  • European Organisation Management - responsible for all management decisions relating to the IAMQS and is also responsible for certifying all ANBs.
  • Authorised Nominated Body (ANB) - Organisation certified by the European Organisation Management. ANBs are responsible for ensuring the quality of the education provided through the assessment and approval of ATBs;
  • Approved Training Body (ATB) - Organisation approved by an ANB in accordance to the system's rules, that delivers courses based on the Qualification System Guidelines and awards International diplomas for the Qualifications and Competence Units delivered.
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Throughout its duration, the CLLAIM Project has developed several guidelines that are fully aligned with European methodologies (such as EQF and ECVET), in order to promote the integration of CLLAIM Qualifications within National Qualification Frameworks. Several metal AM qualifications were developed and tested in the countries of the Consortium – United Kingdom, Spain and Germany.


The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process enables qualification of personnel through validation of their existing skills and knowledge. Meaning, a professional with previous experience in Metal Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing can apply their knowledge to an RPL process and acquire a Diploma/Record of Achievements without having to attend the mandatory classes.

This process can also be used as a benchmark for Qualification Systems in different sectors and other Qualifications and Competence Units/ Modules developed under the scope of the AM Qualification System.

The RPL scheme and stages is detailed 
here on pages 6 and 7. 

The main results of CLLAIM are: 

CLLAIM's results will be available and active for the following years, through IAMQS, managed by EWF. 
The Project's results will be exploited in the project SAM - the Erasmus + Blueprint on Additive Manufacturing (Skills4AM). SAM has the goal of identifying and developing skills in AM for the next 10 years that are supported by a strong and powerful International Qualification System. 
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CLLAIM Final Conference

After three great years, the project reached its end and this conference was the official farewell. 
All of CLLAIM's results were validated and presented to the project stakeholders from all over Europe.

Find the presentations below:
Cluster Meeting
The CLLAIM Project's Cluster Meeting took place on November 4th, 2020. The main goal of this event was the inclusion of CLLAIM's qualifications in the National Qualification Frameworks. 
The meeting had the participation of agencies from Spain, Germany and United Kindom, with a special attendance from ESCO. 
Thank you for these three great years!
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