[I know you're fed up ladies, but keep your head up]
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Dearest Squadron, 

As an immigrant, I have called this country home for the past 18 years. We are going through exceptionally rough times and we cannot lose hope. But hope won't be enough, this will take action.  

In these times, I encourage you to take a moment to reflect. To take note on how this atrocity is affecting you individually - because our individual intricacy leads to grand interconnection. Find a way to turn these negative times into positive ones. Reward and encourage open-hearted behavior and inspire others to take a stand. Whatever actions we take individually affects our country as a whole.

Look around, and see each other. Explore the power you have over your thoughts, behavior, and feelings.

This realization came to me two weeks ago, when I had an intensive week of reflection. In order to show my appreciation to a company who genuinely supports minorities in our industry, I decided that I would show up to work on Women’s International Day. 

But something happened when I arrived to work that Wednesday.  I had a change of heart. It was a strange feeling that I could not shake off nor ignore and I felt a strong need to observe and support women around the world who are less fortunate, who have no voice, who are reprimanded, oppressed, who have no rights. 

Not having had given any notice, I decided I had a commitment, and drove to work. I was shocked to see that traffic was lighter and that it wasn’t as busy as a normal Wednesday morning usually is in Downtown, LA and the feeling continued to grow.  
As I got up to make my morning coffee, I decided I would take a stand and talk to my boss about what was happening inside my mind and inside my heart. He was wearing a plaid red shirt, which I complimented, and then shared my thoughts. 

Without hesitation and in a genuine and loving tone he said- “Go home! Get out of here!”

He added that he had woken up feeling the same way. He resolved that he would encourage any women who had decided to go to work, to go home, to celebrate and take a stand. To no surprise, all the women in the office were feeling exactly the same and went home. 

Keep your head up. Progress will be made. But this will only happen if we speak up. If we take action. If we follow our minds and our hearts

Your Squadron has got your back. We gotta look around and make meaningful connections with others in order to move forward. 

CC & The Squadron
What Can You Do?

·  March 26, 2017 : RALLY & WALK for women’s equality and to put women and girls in the constitution.Women and girls have waited more than 230 years for the equality promised to men by the U.S. Constitution. The time is now. Click here for more information. 

·  April 8, 2017 : JUNO Live Read for Planned Parenthood. Jason Reitman will direct a full female cast in a live read, profits to support Planned Parenthood. Click here for more information. 

·  Download this Anti-Trump APP. If you're busy but don't have time to take more action, this is for you. 

·  Join Knock Every Door Join the movement to knock every door and take back our democracy.

·  Become an abortion clinic escort with LA for Choice. Email to sign up. Escorts happen every weekend.

·  Join Planned Parenthood LA as a volunteer sex-ed teacher! Email with your resume and cover letter. Click here for more information on the school-based health program. Contact Linnea with additional questions.


We will be hosting our next meeting on Sunday March 26 on the East Side.
All gender identities are welcome! Tell your friends!  
Exact location and time will be disclosed via paperless post, coming soon.
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Editor's Note:
I stole all these photos. Please don't sue me. I have no money.

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