The street children of the Middle East

As conflict has continued on within the region of the Middle East and as the refugee crisis escalates the issue of children on the street continues to grow worse. Often when we think or hear of street children our minds jump to images of children in Africa or regions of Asia, however the Middle East can often be ignored. As I have travelled throughout regions of the Middle East over the past years I have seen firsthand how more and more children are appearing on the streets. Most of these children are refugees and can be forced by their own caregivers to go out, beg or sell small items like tissues. It is not unusual for these kids to be as young as five years old.

It’s gotten cold and rainy here. One evening my friend and I were walking and we met 3 young girls, refugees from Raqqa, Syria. (Miriam 14, Zainab 13 and Nour 7).These girls were soaking wet, shaking in the cold and begging for money. The youngest girl Nour who is 7 (but is tiny, about the size of a 5yr old) was so cold. We encouraged them to go home so they wouldn’t get sick. I gave the younger one my scarf, our umbrella and we wrapped them in warm hugs. We walked them back home as it’s really quite dangerous for young vulnerable girls to be out by themselves at night. They ended up living far, Nour was tired and sick with a bad cough so I carried her back. I kept telling her about His great love and sang the J*s*s Loves You song. She lit up every time she heard His name. My friend walked hand in hand with the other two girls and shared about Him. We found out the father has a disability and we told the eldest Miriam about faith that moves mountains and to declare in His name healing. We were also able to stop by a store and get them two big roasted chickens and lots of fruits and veggies for the family. We ran into the same girls again last night and shared more with them about the love of their Father. My one friend asked Zainab what she wants to be when grows up, she looked at us and said she wants to be like us and wants to know our Father.

Sadly these girls are not in school and spend almost every night on the streets alone begging. We have met many children as young as 5 years old completely alone at night begging for money. Their parents often send them out in the cold and to dangerous districts. We are continuing to ask Father for sustainable long term strategies but for now we stop for them on the street give them food, blankets and most importantly LOVE!

We have also been able to connect with a women through language class who is beginning to ask a lot of questions about our Father. She has even asked us for a book of Truth.

This past week using your amazing financial donations to buy tons of supplies. We have bought water bottles for children and packed them with goodies and coloring pages that declare the truth of who we place our hope in and encouragement for them in the face of fear. We’ve also prepared some women’s bags with a “Love Letter from the Father”, which includes some supplies and scarves.

We are praying these donations bless and meet more than just the physical need of the women we meet but that they would encounter the love of their creator! Pray that these small donations and aid materials do not go to waste and are used to plant seeds for eternal life!

I am continually grateful for your prayers and partnership as together we bring our Father’s love to many! It has been a wonderful time here in this region of great ministry, joy and provision.

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