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New Catering Menu Features Greener Options and Event Food Composting

In partnership with the Staff Action Team on Climate Change, Sodexo has created a special catering menu featuring the most environmentally conscious catering options from their menu, focusing on reducing  waste and the carbon footprint of our food.  

For each event using the new menu, Sodexo will provide a green bag for your guests to dispose of all food waste via compost.
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New menu item: Grab & Go Sandwich Buffet
The new menu adds a take-away sandwich buffet as an alternative to boxed lunches. Rather than automatically including all items in one box, this new option allows guests to choose only the items they want, along with a bag to carry them in, making it easier for leftovers to be distributed vs. thrown away. Less food waste = better for the planet.

How to plan a greener event

The new Guide to Green Events was created in partnership with Sustainable Brandeis, Conference and Events Services, Sodexo, the Staff Action Team on Climate Change, and Facilities Services. It gives you tips on how to plan and hold your event, create less waste and reduce your carbon footprint. The web site also provides custom event signage you can print when you want to host zero-waste events.

Recycling Reminder: Keep Trash Out of the Blue Bins!

Recycling loads that contain too much trash - food, liquids, rubber gloves, plastic bags, or other unacceptable items - are rejected by our recycling facility and taken to incineration. Please help us keep our recycling clean. Our comprehensive recycling guide can answer your recycling questions.

Trade in your space heater for a free Sustainable Brandeis fleece blanket!

We'll either donate your heater or give it back to you at the end of the academic year - your choice. Faculty and staff only. Limited quantity available!
Click here to learn more

Space Heaters vs. Body Heaters

It can be tempting to try to add heat to the larger space around us, rather than use smaller, more direct solutions to warm our bodies. Compare these more energy-efficient options below:

The best option: A blanket. 
Electric blankets or wraps are both more efficient and safer than space heaters.
Space heaters pose serious fire and electrical hazards and are not energy efficient. They can trip electrical circuits in buildings, disabling power to building areas.  The use of space heaters at the University is strongly discouraged. Click here for a list of the University's space heater requirements.

Congratulations Competition Winners!

Our October SaveOhno pilot competition resulted in hundreds of actions, thousands of liters of water saved, a ton of CO2 avoided, and nearly 2,000 petitions signed. All from just 200 people, and in less than 2 weeks. Read more in BrandeisNOW.

First place: Ex-Cable + Friends – 226,575 Ohno points
Nick April, Emily Smith, Brooke Granovsky, Hannah Schuster, Nishan Acharya, Elana Rombro, Pavla Berghen-Wolf, Anna Craven, Edward Hou, Laura Broffman, Michael Jiang

Second place: Green Beans – 203,955 Ohno points
Orly Strobel, Meka Greenwald, Leora Nevins, Meredith  Levy, Lauren Grobois, Eliana Koehler, Emily Kutrieb, Tamar Moss, Eli Lovich, Jessica Lam, Sage  DeChiara, Marina Dreeben, Aaron Pins, Fiona Grant, Mercedes Helm
Top 3 users:
​1. Meredith Levy: 28,120 points
2. Sage DeChiara: 27,380 points 
3. Tamar Moss: 26,830 points 

160 Brandeisians are on our carpooling map. Could one of them be your neighbor?

Since we launched last October, 160 Brandeis community members have joined the Brandeis Commute Green map of potential carpoolers. Could one of them be your neighbor? Login to find out! And keep checking back - as critical mass builds, the easier it will be to find a carpool. 
Reminder: Campus Indoor Temperature Range
Cooling season: 74-76° F (23-24° C)           Heating season: 68-71° F (20-22° C)
Please contact Facilities Services if you believe your space is out of range (x6-4385), and see our Brandeis Energy Conservation and Management Policy for more information.
Have an idea, question or thought about sustainability @ Brandeis? Contact us at
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As always, you can submit any sustainability ideas and feedback to Sustainable Brandeis here.

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