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Look at this plover chick! It's a great little bird. Did you know that plover chicks can fly only 30 days after being hatched? How awesome is that? Very awesome!

You can’t be an astronaut

"If you are color blind you can’t become an astronaut. Since then, I’ve never been truly happy."

That’s how this video about color blindness starts. It’s made by Tom Blatherwick and Human Interests and I recommend everyone to watch it.
Another thing that I recommend for everyone is the Chrome-extension Funkify. This great tool simulate color blindness and a bunch of other things. The latest release came out now in November so if you've tried it a long time ago give it a another try.

Super easy web captioner

Having live captions at your event is often a question of money and resources but as of now there are no more excuses. This neat thing will caption as you speak and it supports a wide range of languages. I tried Swedish and it worked like a charm! 


Paciello Group has built this documentation tool that they named Cupper. It works offline, there is a print version if needed and it can be deployed on Github. I think it looks like a really nice alternative to other not so friendly places where people host documentation. For example those wiki-pages with really small text and weird inaccessible markup. Ugh!

Tip: #A11y Rules Podcast by Nicolas Steenhout

Accessibility at Trivago

Ever wondered how to get people at your office to think about accessibility? Then this article by Ian Devlin on accessibility at Trivago might help. People at Trivago have neglected accessibility in the past but they are now trying to do better. I think there is a thing or two that can be useful for other companies as well. So lets steal some of this, ok? Ok! 

A11y Advent Calendar

It will soon be the first of December and we all know what that means. Tons of great advent calendars with articles, tips and tricks that nobody have the time to go through. Confession: I usually have so much to do in December that I save most of the articles for later. But it’s ok to do so. Really!
This year there will be a calendar solely focusing on accessibility. It's called 24 A11y. If you are on Twitter you can follow them @24accessibility.

Christmas gifts?

I really enjoyed these accessibility themed t-shirts. And these other t-shirts are also great. I think they will make great gifts fo the holiday season. Maybe one for your uncle and one for your dog?
No, I'm not getting payed to write this. 

Inspiration that matters

Trying to get some sort of understanding of how people actually use the web and other digital things is something that I think is really important. In this article Rani Nayyar explains how she uses Dragon, a software that converts speech to text. It can also control mouse and keyboard commands by voice. 
Another inspirational article is this one about software developer Tuukka Ojala from Tampere in Finland. Don’t miss out on the sound clip reading English with a Finnish accent.

If you ever feel down just do a little image search for "plover chick” in your favourite search engine. You will not be disappointed!
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- Ida