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A small brown bird with a light gray chest is sitting on a branch that got spots of moss but no leaves. It has its beak open and it looks like it's singing.
I was going to send this a couple of days ago. But then again, with a war going on, does it make any sense? Well, I still think it makes sense to keep making things accessible. Also singing is good. Or listening. To birds. Singing.

Help people in Ukraine

I don't think I'm the only one who has been doing research on how to help during the last couple of days. 
There is a GoFundMe that is supporting Fight for Right, a NGO in Ukraine. It is said to be run by disabled folks, and are actively working with disabled Ukrainians. You can read more about Fight for Right on their website
And if you can help in other ways, please do! 

How many are they?

Talking about web accessibility with people who have never heard about it before and chances are pretty big that you'll get the question: how many? How many people need accessibility?
If you don't have a really good answer here you can always point them to this very well-written article by Hidde which got some really good thoughts on how to approach numbers
But I hope we can all agree that this question should never be answered with an actual number.

Meetup: Overlays Underwhelm with Adrian Rosselli, Wednesday, March 2

A bit about remote work

To constantly have the feeling that you can't do your best because too much of your energy is spent having to adjust to other people and their way of working. Feels familiar? Then you will appreciate this article on how remote work helped Rachel thrive at work.    

WCAG 3 is not ready yet

It's important to understand that unlike things like CSS, where you can start using it as soon as it's implemented in a browser, (with a proper fallback of course), WCAG is not like that. It breaks backward compatibility and should not be used before it's ready. 
Eric has written a really good post about WCAG 3, adoption, and also that unfortunate advice around color contrast that was shared prematurely.  
With that said, please do keep up with WCAG 3.0 which is being worked on in the open. Yes, you can find it on Github! 

Video: Practical Tips for Building More Accessible Front-Ends

Learn more

How do I learn more about accessibility? It's a common question and I thought I should share a couple of links to tutorials, books, and courses that might be helpful. 

This is the end of The Nightingale. If you liked this consider sending the subscription-link to your friends and colleagues. If you have suggestions or feedback you can email me or find me on Twitter as @t12t or @kolombiken. Credit for the photo goes to Peter Kasteren van on Pixabay.

- Ida
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