The Alphabet // January Edition

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January's an interesting month, isn't it? Everyone's nursing their post-holiday hangovers, friends are chock-full of [attempted] New Year's Resolutions, and we're all suddenly analyzing our life decisions through a slightly more critical lens. It's also a weird month for music, as few artists are on tour or dropping their latest material. On the other hand, it's the perfect month to spend sitting inside by the [Netflix] fire catching up on emails, books, and of course music.

I for one had more time than ever to sift through my musical archives. This led me to discover some great new artists for this month's playlist, such as Cameron Alan, Nicole Millar, and St. Beauty, to name a few. Quick housekeeping update: moving forward, there will be one playlist that auto-updates every month with new music. This will keep me from adding clutter to your [probably] already cluttered Spotify library. Please follow the playlist to receive the updates each month.

Now for my album of choice, Kehlani's SweetSexySavage. If you're unfamiliar with Kehlani, I'd think of her as a less self-conscious version of Ariana Grande combined with a more hip-hop leaning Alessia Cara. While the album's title pays homage to the female R&B days of yore, the music itself is a fresh take on what it means to be an artist in the genre today. It puts Kehlani's smooth vocals at the forefront without settling for sub-par beat production. There are so few female artists penetrating the Hip-Hop/R&B space right now and since women seem to be having a moment, there's no better time than the present to capitalize in this space. 

Here's to hoping she gets the attention she deserves.


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