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Volume 03 Issue 04 - July 2020

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In this issue, we will talk about iSolarCloud commissioning tips.

We encourage you to read and keep these in a handy place so that you will always have knowledge related to iSolarCloud monitoring system.

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Dongle lights

Sungrow Wi-Fi dongles have three LED lights, each of which has different representation i.e.

  • RUN – Power Indication
  • COM – Wi-Fi Connection Indication
    • Flashing – Not connected to the home router
    • Solid – Successfully connected to the home router
  • NET – iSolarCloud Server Connection Indication

If the COM is flashing, the dongle can be configured to be connected to the internet by following the steps in the video below:

Once all three lights are ON, data on the iSolarCloud APP should be visible within 5 to 10 minutes.

Resume Commissioning 

Resume commissioning status indicates that the inverter is trying to connect to iSolarCloud. This only happens during initial commissioning of the plant and can be normal.

Diagram 1 - Resume Commissioning


There are two main reasons for this to occur:

Plant is not yet connected to iSolarCloud – The NET light on the dongle represents connection of inverter to the iSolarCloud server. At times, once connected to the home internet (Solid COM), it can take some time for the inverter to connect to the main server. Once the NET light is ON, iSolarCloud will update automatically and start showing data.

Incorrect SN was used to setup the plant – Apart from WLAN, if the device was added manually using the SN which was not entered correctly, the plant will show “Resume Commissioning” as iSolarCloud is unable to identify the SN. In this case, the device can be deleted, and the correct SN can be added. Please note, the SN of the dongle must be used.

WiFi Status 'Offline'

There may be cases where no data is visible on the iSolarCloud APP. In such scenarios, the plant will show “Device with Problem” (with a grey dot) on the home page and plant status will be “Offline”.

Diagram 2 - Display on your phone App

This status indicates that the inverter has lost connection to the home internet hence, no data is available. However, your inverter is still working. This can occur due to a few reasons, them being:

  1. There are issues with the Wi-Fi signal from the internet router. For example, weak signal or incompatible signal.
  2. The internet password / the router itself has been changed.
  3. The inverter is turned off.

Before attempting to reconnect, it is helpful to understand the Sungrow Wi-Fi devices and their functionality.

Depending on the model, Sungrow Inverters either come with a Wi-Fi dongle or an eShow Screen that plugs into the bottom of the inverter, both of which can be used to connect the inverter to the internet wirelessly. These Wi-Fi accessories are only compatible with a 2.4GHz signal.

Moreover, the Wi-Fi dongles also have three indication LEDs:

  • RUN – Power Indication
  • COM – Wi-Fi Connection Indication
    • Flashing – Not connected to the home router
    • Solid – Successfully connected to the home router
  • NET – iSolarCloud Server Connection Indication

Reconnect the inverter to iSolarCloud server

The Wi-Fi device can be reconfigured by following the steps in the video below:

Please click to access the video: How to reconfigure WiFi to Sungrow iSolarCloud server

If the WiFi password required to connect to the SG network is S/N (serial number) of the Wi-Fi communication module which can be found on the side of the dongle itself.

Diagram 3 - Sungrow WiFi dongle

  • 1 indicates the model of the dongle
  • 2 indicates the SN, starting from A or B followed by 10 digits

WiFi offline checklist

If the reconfiguration steps do not work, please follow the checklist below to deduce the issue.

Test procedures Yes/No
Is the internet router within 10m of the inverter?  
Is the signal from the router 2.4GHz?  
Has the signal strength been tested to be strong?  
Has the Wi-Fi device been unplugged and plugged back in?  
Has the Wi-Fi reconfiguration been done?  
Is the green COM LED solid on after the configuration? (Dongle)  
Does the orange NET LED come on after the reconfiguration? (Dongle)  
Has the Wi-Fi reconfiguration been attempted on a different phone?  
Can the dongle connect to the mobile hotspot of the phone?  
Please click here for more information related to monitoring solutions.

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