It's summertime!
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Farm Update
Hello friends,
I've been a little quiet on social media and I never sent out a June update. I'm still here. Things on the farm are moving slower than usual. It's a different season of life for us at the moment. Babies have a way of slowing you down, but in the very best way. Our little man is growing as fast as the weeds around here ;-).
Let me introduce you to Molly. She is a friend I asked to work for me while I was super pregnant and after Huck was born. Without Molly my season would be completely over. Nothing would have gotten planted and there would be no flowers. Now Molly has moved on to full time air conditioned work but I am so very thankful for the time she dedicated to my little flower farm.
Molly. The Cutest.
The 2018 Bouquet Subscription are no longer available. 
We are about half-way through the subscription program which ends in October. Bouquet Subscriptions are the best way to guarantee that you will have local flowers on a regular basis. 2019 subscriptions will be available for pre-order starting in December.
Flowers for everyone!
There was a bit of a lull in my growing season after the birth of our 4th child and I only had enough flowers to fulfill bouquet subscriptions and to supplement weddings. 
The flowers are back and you'll find them in the coffee shops. My goal is to have some there every week or at worst every other week. As always stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook accounts so you'll know when flowers are in your area.
My Instagram and Facebook.

Getting married in 2019?
I'd love to make the wedding flowers of your dreams! I do weddings both large and small. Send me an email by clicking the button below and we can chat about all of the wonderful details!
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Tip of the month!
It's important, especially when it's hot, to "harden off" your seedling and young plants before you plant them. This means to gradually let them get used to outdoor conditions. In the early spring I find this less important because I'm planting flowers that enjoy cool and even cold weather. However, when I'm transplanting in the summer for fall blooms this is very important. Start by setting your seedlings outside in a covered area for a few days, and gradually give them less protection. Last week I was in a hurry and hoped that because I was planting into a nice moist irrigated row that the seedlings would survive even though I had't properly hardened them off... I left town and came home to seedlings that were completely obliterated. Lesson learned. When gardening there is always the next crop or next season to try again. If you look at your mistakes as learning opportunities rather than failures you'll be a much happier gardener. 
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