May Already?!

April Showers bring May Flowers.
This month is when the flowers really start coming on! They start gradually but will soon be in full bloom.

The farm scoop.

Flowers that are currently blooming and about to pop include, poppies, Sweet William, Canterbury Bells, Stock, Batchelor Buttons, snapdragons, sunflowers and more!
Bouquet Subscriptions are beginning to be delivered and farmer's market is soon to begin.  Except for tucking in a full more zinnias and sunflowers here and there, spring planting is done.
Weeds are starting to flourish.  Keeping on top of them is a daily task.  Weed pulling may seem dull but it is essential to big beautiful blooms. I actually love doing it! I don’t use any chemical herbicides in my flower field.  All the weeds are either pulled by hand or removed with a hoe.  I do use a combination of landscape fabric and mulches to minimize weeds. 
Garden Tips

All about Poppies

Did you know the proper stage to pick a poppy is right as the bud is opening? Poppies have a milky sap that will prevent them from taking up water. Stick the stems in boiling water for 10 seconds to extend their vase life.

Weed the exciting way!

Did you know that you can torch weeds? Fire is a great natural way to help keep weeds in check.  Whether it’s in your driveway or the walkways in your garden a propane torch can make quick work of weeding.  As always, be safe.  Make sure children and pets are safely out of the way when fire weeding.

Dead head those flowers!

People have asked me how I keep my zinnias nice looking into the fall. The answer is “I cut them”. Many plants will go dormant and start looking ragged once the flower head starts going to seed. If you are quick to pick off spent blooms the plant will send up bright new ones. This is true for Zinnias, bachelor buttons, Dahlias, some roses, and others. This is also true with many bedding plants.

Need flowers?
Flowers are not just for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day but for every day!
I will be delivering flowers in Lawrence and Topeka every other Wednesday starting May 24th continuing through October.  If you are in southeast Kansas I will be selling bunches at the Oswego Farmer’s Market on Thursday afternoons and from the farm.  Please contact me for beautiful blooms.
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