Farm Update
As I sit down to write this newsletter I’m burdened with the ups and downs of farming. Everything is going well. Seeds are germinating, baby plants are growing and the seasons are progressing as normal. No matter how many things are going well there is always something that puts a hitch in my giddy-up. This time its unruly chickens that have been free-ranging a little too freely. My husband is in the process of repairing the fence that will keep them in their rightful part of our property, but in the meantime they have destroyed hundreds of baby plants. I am thankful for the eggs the chickens provide and I will replace the plants that have been lost, but this work keeps you humble.
On a brighter note the peonies are popping out of the ground and we will have blooms before we know it!
Lilacs are also stealing the show. This particular plant came with our home but was extremely overgrown and didn’t bloom. I cut it almost completely to the ground shortly after we moved in and was thrilled when I noticed little buds on it this month. One day it will be a powerhouse of blooms again.
Say goodbye to this lovely fall planted cover crop that has been growing all winter long.  It will soon be tilled into the soil ready for zinnias and sunflowers to be planted in its place.

Gardening Tip of the Month

Now is the time for garden preparation.  In my corner of Kansas the average last day of frost is April 10th. This means that after that date you are most likely safe to plant your tomatoes and peppers and other sun loving plants.  This doesn’t mean that it will never frost after that date; it is just significantly less likely. To ensure a bountiful harvest use the next few weeks to clean out your garden beds and incorporate a healthy helping of plant compost or composted manure to your garden. Dig roughly six inches deep, mix in about 2 to 3 inches of good compost into the soil you just dug up and return it to the ground. This can seem like a lot of preparation but the results produced will be worth it. Your plants will thank you for it!
Need Flowers?
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