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Planting, planting, planting and more planting! April is for planting flowers. February is for seed starting, March is tending to the baby seedlings and planting a few cool season plants and then April is for planting. Maybe I could say that one more time to help see what I mean ;). April is for planting. Every minute of my flower farming time is spent planting. I’ve planted a few thousand seedlings and I still have at least a couple thousand to go.  Don’t miss understand me, this is one of my favorite aspects of my job.  Planting flowers is meditative and therapeutic.  Some people have a prayer closet or a quiet space or rise early before the day begins to do some reading and drink their coffee. I have my garden.  When I’m on my knees with my hands in the dirt I am in my prayer closet, my quiet place.  That is where I see the world the most clearly.
Anyhow, some of the flowers that have been planted are dahlias, cosmos, sunflowers, zinnias, dianthus, larkspur, love-in-a-mist, bachelor buttons, Canterbury bells, lisianthus and the list goes on.  This year I’ve chosen roughly 100 different varieties of flowers to grow. I’m not sure if this is genius or crazy but it sure is exciting!

Cross your fingers for papery poppy petals these babies are very happy. I just saw the tiniest first bud today. They are called “Falling-in-love” and come in lovely colors of white, pink and red.
Oh sweet smelling narcissus! I love these soft colored daffodils. They are such a delight and unlike the common yellow variety have a very strong sweet scent!
I am getting a little impatient with them. Every day I go and peek at their progress and anticipate their opening! They are a flower that never goes out of style! Perhaps it’s their sweet heavenly scent or their lusciously soft mass of petals.  Whatever their appeal is, it’s timeless! If you can’t tell, they are my absolute favorite flowers. Next in line is probably the dahlia.
Tip of the month!
How to save peonies in the refrigerator
If you happen to have peonies in your yard you know that they bloom a ton of flowers for a week, maybe two weeks and then they are gone until next year. This perhaps is why they are such costly flowers in the floral world.
Here’s a tip to help you keep them a few weeks and even months longer.
When they are about to bloom feel the tops of the buds.  If the bud is showing some of the petals’ color, but is still hard, don’t pick them. But if the bud is swollen and showing color and feels like a marshmallow, the time is right.  Take sharp clean scissors or pruners, and cut them with long stems removing the bottom two thirds of leaves.
Once you take them inside you can wrap them in a bunch in a few sheets of newspaper and refrigerate them for weeks and even months in the bud form.  Make sure that they are completely dry when you wrap them.  Peek at them every week or two to check for mold. Also make sure that there aren’t things like apples, bananas, or tomatoes in the refrigerator with them.  These, and other fruits, release a hormone in the form of a gas called ethylene and it will cause your flowers to age quickly and go bad.
When you’re ready to enjoy them in a vase on your table just pull them out of the refrigerator and give them a fresh cut an inch or two up the stem and put them in water.  It will probably take them several hours to open. Warm water will speed up the process.
Flowering with Children!
What more can I say?
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