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December 2018
Greetings Friends!

As always, I hope this letter finds you happy, healthy, ...and feeling FESTIVE!

(Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock....I can just hear time ticking in the back of my head this week.  So much to do and not enough time to do it.  You feel me, don't you?  When I sat down to begin this month's newsletter, I thought I had a clear idea about what to write about.  I had carved out time to hash it all out in my head and to get cracking on typing it all out.  But the Universe had other plans for me this past week and my time was needed to be in service instead.  So, what to do??  I decided to go back and pull an old favorite from the archives.  And here it is.  If this is your first time reading this, I hope you enjoy it!  And if it's a repeat for you, wish is that you enjoy it the same, or more than you did the last time you read it :) 

Wishing you all a holiday season filled with joy, peace, happiness, laughter, and love. 


PS  - All the links to this month's specials & events are current.  Hope to see you this month!)

From the December 2017 Light Works Good Newsletter:
Aaahhhh... 'Tis the Season!  What a wonderful time of year! Between the music, the lights, the shopping, the food, the giving, the receiving, and the family time....what's not to love?  Well, maybe the stress.  I don't love the stress.  (note to self:  extra meditation this month).  But the rest is pretty awesome.  Even the commercials on TV are bearable....all with their holiday decorations and music and cheer.  I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!

And of course, there's the gifting.  Flipping through catalogs and checking out Pinterest for different gift giving ideas, perusing the malls and online for the perfect presents.  And then there's the wrapping and shipping and baking and exchanging.  It really does feels amazing to give, doesn't it? 

So this month, I thought it would be a great time to talk about.......our GIFTS.

Of course we're all familiar with the gifts we purchase, or make, to bring joy to those we love.  Sharing these gifts is such a beautiful act of kindness that comes with the holidays and other special (or not so special) occasions.

But what about the other gifts that we have to offer? 

Like, the gifts we possess that make us unique and give us purpose?  We all have them.  Actually, we each have a bunch!  Maybe one of yours is a sense of humor or compassion for others or an artistic talent or analytical skills or a lovely singing voice.  Perhaps it's climbing trees or a natural connection to animals or having a knack for cooking.  Or what about a keen sense of smell or amazing fashion sense?  Maybe you are a rock star parent or an engaging speaker.  Oh, the list could go on and on... these amazing, beautiful, natural gifts that we possess.  There are so many.  We may not always recognize these as gifts, but they are.  They are our strengths and the things that we do well and how we identify ourselves as unique individuals.

And then there are the untapped gifts we have within us, waiting to be unwrapped.  Maybe it's something that you are feeling called to explore or learn .  A new passion or interest.  Or maybe you don't know what it is...but are seeking to discover because you want to know what your life purpose is.  What about those gifts?   How do we know what those are?

For example, I haven't always known that I was a medium.  And I haven't always talked to Spirit and to animals.  Unlike some, I most certainly haven't been doing it consciously since I was a child.  In fact, as some of you know, for most of my life and career I've been a die-hard, left brained, super girl.  Math and numbers were my thing.  Not any of this 'woo woo' stuff.  I always thought my 'gift' was balancing accounts, spreadsheets, and lightening finger speed on a 10 key calculator.  I know, exciting...right?  And while I do consider my mathematical skills a gift and I am grateful for the years of financial stability that work provided and I am proud of my accomplishments in that field, it's not exactly work that made my socks go up and down (so grateful that I discovered my intuitive abilities)

But when I realized that I was able to connect with Spirit, I knew I had found my passion and there was no turning back.  I didn't see this as something that was gifted to me, however.  Or that I had a special gift.  Since it began with a simple desire to talk to my deceased loved ones, it just seemed like something anyone else would do.


People often say, "Oh, you have such a beautiful gift!" or "I wish I could do what you do.  It's such a gift!".  And I used to struggle with that because in my mind, I always felt that a gift was something special that we have had all of our lives. I have struggled with those words because I know that anyone can do what I do.  And that the guidance and messages come from Spirit, not me.  I'm simply the conduit...the middle person.  I have learned that communicating with Spirit and working with energy is natural for everyone.  We all come into this world and into our bodies with intuition.  And we are using it all the time, often unaware when we are.  But not everyone is interested in this line of work or they don't believe they have the ability or aren't sure how to tap into it or whatever.  And that's okay.  I just felt like calling my intuitive abilities a "gift" implied that others don't have it....when I know that they do (welcome to the chaos that goes on in my head).

But over time, I've come to terms with the phrase 'my gift'.  And I have come to realize that it's not my intuition that is the gift.  It's that I am using my ability to connect with Spirit and with animals to help others.  It's that I've taken something that I found within myself and loved and nurtured that piece of me so that I might be able to provide a much needed service to others.  When I discovered my intuitive abilities, I recognized the passion I had for doing Spiritual work and then honored the desire to share it with the world.  THAT is the Gift.

Discovering what we love to do and sharing it with others.  THAT is the Gift.

Some people discover their passions at a young age.  But for many, it might take a minute (or years) to figure out what we want to be or do when we grow up.  Sometimes, it takes a boatload of life experiences that lead us to know what our 'life purpose' is.  Spirit often has me ask, "If money were no object, what would you absolutely love to do for work?  If you knew your financial needs would be met, what would you choose as a career?"  The answer may not be clear now, but Spirit wants us to always be moving in that find that thing (or those things) that makes our hearts sing.  The activities or actions that bring us joy and allow us to engage in meaningful and fulfilling work.  Because no matter what we're doing, when we are doing what we love..... we are sharing love with others.  And THAT is the Gift.


And the good news is that we're never on this adventure alone. No matter where you are on your journey to fulfill your Soul's purpose, know that your guides and angels (your 'team') are working with you 24/7 to help you to discover your passions and to achieve all that you set out to become in this lifetime.  When we find what makes our hearts sing and we take the necessary steps towards achieving our goals, Spirit works very hard to put the right people, opportunities, and resources in our paths to help us get there.  Keep moving forward, have faith, and know that all of your gifts are beautiful when shared with love.

May your gifts shine bright this season and bring joy to those who are lucky to receive them.  And may your arms and heart be wide open to receiving as well!  Wishing you and your families peace, joy, & a ton of happiness.

Sending love out to all those who need/want it and prayers to those who may be hurting today.  May you find peace in your heart and a smile on your face no matter what is happening in your world  And if you need a place to go to lift your spirits, I hope you'll stop by sometime :)

Here's what's happening at Light Works this month...

To kick things off, we have Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher Certification training on the 1st, 2nd, and 9th.  In this three day intensive course, Reiki students will learn the skills and teaching techniques to become master teachers so they can go on to develop their own Reiki classes...and teach others the beautiful healing art of Reiki.

ave you been thinking about learning Reiki?  We've got Usui Ryoho Reiki Level I Certification class coming up on December 8th/15th .  Whether you're interested in learning how to give Reiki to yourself, wish to share Reiki with friends & family, or want to begin a Reiki practice....this is the perfect opportunity to jump right in!  Looking for a class that offers CE credit hours that you can apply towards your massage therapy license requirements?  Receive 10 CE hours when you take this class!

Join us on the 12th for a Sound Bath Meditation with Biansa!  Allow Ansa to guide you through a world of sound vibration for a deep cellular experience of alignment that will leave you feeling rested and connected!  Enjoy the sounds of singing bowls, chimes, gongs, and much more.  A Sound Bath can be an unforgettable sound experience for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and an acceleration of their inward journey. 

Want to learn how to connect with Spirit?  In this class, you'll learn my method of connecting with the angels, spirit guides, and loved ones...and, yes, anyone can do it :) This month, I'll be teaching 
Meditation with Connect with Spirit! at my place AND in Frederick, MD.  On December 16th, I'll be conducting this fun workshop in the heart of old town Frederick at Crystal Vision Massage.  And then on December 17th, I'll be teaching it at Light Works. 

Next, I'll be delivering messages in a gallery style event at "Love & Hugs from Heaven" Mediumship Demonstration with Juli! on December 19th. Come out and receive loving messages from Angels, guides, and loved ones on the other side!  This is a great opportunity to witness how Spirit works with me to share messages of healing, guidance, and love. Those in the Spirit world are always around and want to help us to heal, to feel loved & supported as we navigate our way through life in the physical world.  A mediumship gallery is a wonderful way to experience this beautiful connection.

This month's special is all about celebrating the holiday season.  In fact, there are TWO specials this month:

Special #1 - Gift Certificates are a great way to gift someone a reading, a Reiki session, animal communication, or a class or workshop.  And this month, when you purchase $100 in gift receive a $25 gift certificate for yourself!  Click here for more information!

Special #2 - Don't miss the Light Work's 3rd Annual Holiday Party on December 15th!  Come out and enjoy some food, drink, and some holiday cheer at Old Town Sports Pub in Manassas.  There will also be door prizes and White Elephant gift exchange.  Click here for more details and to RSVP.    Hope to see you there! 

And lastly, we'll be getting together on December 27th for Movie Night! to watch...."(Super) Natural Mind".  Dr. Joe Dispenza dives deep into researching how meditation affects the brain.  Learn how using mindfulness and meditation can literally give us the ability to change our brains and change our minds!  Come hang out with me and other like minded folks for a chill night at the movies ...popcorn provided :)

So, these are just a few of the things happening this month at Light Works. 

As always, new things are popping up on the Light Works Meetup page .  Be sure to join the group to receive announcements.  Stay tuned, stay connected, and stay in touch!

Sending lots of healing energy and LOVE to you all...hope to see you soon!

In love & light,
Juli Richardson
Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium, & Animal Communicator
Call 703-926-4499 or email to schedule a reading or healing session for you or someone you love
What's happening this month....
Discover the joy of teaching Reiki to others in this three day interactive class. For many, Reiki is not only a beautiful modality used for helping others to heal...but also becomes a journey of healing for ourselves. If you are feeling called to teach Reiki to others so that they, too, are able to share Reiki with the world and themselves....becoming a Reiki Master Teacher may be for you! 
You'll learn:

* Instruction on how to give Reiki attunements for all levels of Reiki
* Reiki Master values
* Reiju Empowerment
* Hatsurei Ho Meditation
* The various ways to structure Reiki classes
* Creating a course curriculum
* Planning and executing a full Reiki class
* And more!
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Tune into the spiritually guided life force energy of Reiki to become a Certified Reiki practitioner 

In this 2 day course, you will learn the traditional teachings of Usui Ryoho, as well as practical applications for working with energy, managing heightened intuition, & understanding the basics of the chakra system. 

Upon completion of the class, you will be able to give Reiki treatments to yourself and to others 

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Imagine being immersed in beautiful sounds that are healing to your body, mind and soul...

Join sound practitioner and art therapist, Biansa Cox, as she creates a melodic healing environment of deeply resonate sounds. You'll enjoy an improvised evening of therapeutic sounds from a variety of instruments, including 99.9% pure quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan meditation bowls, chimes, gongs, tuning forks, and more. This symphonic journey results in waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.

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Come celebrate this most wonderful time of year as we get together for some good old fashioned holiday cheer, a couple cocktails, some pub grub, and few good laughs.

· White Elephant Gift Exchange - under $20 (bring a wrapped gift if you wish to participate!)

· Door prizes

· Appetizers, Sweets, and Smiles on us…..booze & full menu items available to purchase

· Be sure to RSVP—space is limited!


We’ll be collecting these much needed items for the Manassas Homeless Shelter (NVFS). So if you’d like to donate please feel free to bring a pillow or paper towel roll or two!
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December 17th - Meditation with Connect with Spirit!

Have you ever wondered what "raising your vibration" really means....and how you actually do it??

Did you know that we are all capable of connecting with Spirit (Angels, Spirit Guides, & loved ones) for messages & guidance??

Join me as I take you through the process of raising your vibration through Meditation....with Intention!

Spirit is with us and around us all the time, nudging us and guiding us from the other side. Their loving energy is closer than we realize and they love when we are able to connect with them.

Sign up!

This is a special opportunity to experience BOTH evidential Mediumship and powerful Angel messages in the same event! 
Certified Psychic Medium & Certified Angel Messenger, Juli Richardson, connects with Spirit to deliver loving messages from the other side.  She will be demonstrating the communication process, as she connects with Angels, guides, and loved ones in Heaven using her unique intuitive gifts. Watch as she works with Spirit to provide evidence and to deliver life changing healing messages!

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(Super) Natural Mind

Supernatural Mind explores the art and science of transformation through meditation practices. In 2013, Dr. Joe Dispenza began measuring workshop participants’ brain activity in real time during meditations. Data from more than 6,000 EEG brain scans have given Dr. Joe more information to fine-tune his methods of teaching transformation.

Using mindfulness and meditation techniques we have the ability to literally change our brains and change our lives. Supernatural Mind shares three in-depth stories about people using meditation for emotional and physical healing. Kayla and Brian were shocked and worried when their one-year old toddler began showing signs of extreme allergy to most foods. Anouk, who lost her husband to suicide, became depressed and ill after his death and she eventually was diagnosed with esophagus cancer. Todd suffered from PTSD after serving in the Iraq and Persian Gulf wars, and he relied on sleeping pills to get through stressful times.

Meditation helped each of them not only to heal, but also to live more in a state of joy and gratitude.

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Coming up next month....
  • Usui Ryoho Reiki Level II
  • Movie Night
  • Let's Meditate!  Guided Meditations
  • Manifestation Day!
  • Heavenly Holiday Lunch with "B"!
  • and more!
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Holiday Gift Certificate Special!

 Purchase $100 in Light Works Gift Certificates & Receive 
$25 Off Your Next Reading or Reiki Session! 

Give the gift of healing this season with a
Light Works gift certificate.

Treat everyone on your list to the relaxing, therapeutic experience of Reiki or to a Life Path reading to receive guidance from their Spirit team. Perhaps you know someone who is struggling, missing a loved one during this holiday season. What a beautiful gift for them to receive messages from their loved ones on the other side. 

Having a hard time finding the right gift for the animal lover in your life? Gift certificates may be used towards animal communication sessions & animal Reiki, too!

 And as a special BONUS... for every purchase of $100 in Light Works gift certificates made before December 31st, you'll receive a $25 off coupon for your next Reiki or Reading. 

*Not in the area? Readings can also be done over the phone or by Skype!*.
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Meditation with Connect with Spirit!
@ Crystal Visions Massage

250 E 6th St, Frederick, Maryland 21701
Sunday, December 16, 2018

11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Meditation with Intention Workshop to Connect with Spirit! - Frederick, MD!!!!

Have you ever wondered what "raising your vibration" really means....and how you actually do it??

Did you know that we are all capable of connecting with Spirit (Angels, Spirit Guides, & loved ones) for messages & guidance??

Join me as I take you through the process of raising your vibration through Meditation....with Intention!

Spirit is with us and around us all the time, nudging us and guiding us from the other side. Their loving energy is closer than we realize and they love when we are able to connect with them.

During the workshop, you will learn:

• How to tune in for messages & guidance from Spirit
• How to protect your energy
• How to differentiate between the Divine, Angelic, Spirit Guide, and loved ones energy levels
• How to raise & lower your vibrational frequencies

You will also go through a guided meditation to put it in to practice.
Trust me....this isn't your average meditation!

To RSVP, please contact Michelle Culler @ 301-693-2989

We have a few new practitioners that are now offering their services on at Light Works.  Join me in extending a warm welcome to my fellow light workers, and dear friends...
Stacey Fields 
Mediumship Readings & Reiki
Maggie Scott
Aroma Touch and Essential Oils Wellness Consultations
To learn more about these ladies, their services, and to view their schedules, go to the Light Works Meetup page.  To schedule a session , please contact them directly (see contact information below!)
Meditation With Connect with Spirit!
Have you ever wondered what "raising your vibration" really means....and how you actually do it??
Did you know that we are all capable of connecting with Spirit (Angels, Spirit Guides, & loved ones) for messages & guidance??
Join me as I take you through the process of raising your vibration through Meditation....with Intention!
Spirit is with us and around us all the time, nudging us and guiding us from the other side. Their loving energy is closer than we realize and they love when we are able to connect with them.
During the workshop, you will learn:
• How to raise & lower your vibrational frequencies
• How to differentiate between the Divine, Angelic, Spirit Guide, and loved one's energy levels
• How to protect your energy
• How to tune in for messages & guidance from Spirit
You will also go through a guided meditation to put it in to practice :) Trust me....this isn't your average meditation!
Click here to sign up!
Practitioner's Corner 

Juli Richardson
Owner, Light Works
Certified Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Communicator
* Reiki * Life Path Readings * Mediumship * 
*Animal Communication * Animal Reiki *
Every day - by appointment only


Joyce Hughes
Registered Nurse, Certified AromaTouch Practitioner, Essential Oils Educator
*AromaTouch Sessions*
*Essential Oils Wellness Consultations*

Mondays - by appointment only


Stacey Fields
Psychic Medium, Reiki Master
*Reiki * Readings*
By appointment only

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