Lynher's June Newsletter
Lynher's 125th Birthday Celebrations at
 The Cremyll 
Maritime Festival 
We had a wonderful Cremyll Maritime Festival on 4th - 6th June and on 5th June Lynher turned a remarkable 125 years old and isn't she looking good for it! Barbara sourced local ingredients for a large Fresh Strawberry Birthday cake. Strawberries were chosen especially as they would have been one of the cargo of goods transported by Lynher up the Tamar River in the early 1900's from the Market Gardens of Calstock to be sold in the shops of Plymouth.

We now have several large fabric banner panel displays in our Gymnasium workshop detailing in pictures and words the full history and restoration of Lynher together with a fantastic display of "dock dung" and a large framed art mosaic of Lynher is hung in pride of place in our reception area made out of this "dock dung, courtesy of local artist Sally Turner."  You may be wondering what this "dock dung" is? This is the term used for bits and pieces of pottery and glass that got mixed up in the cargo of horse manure carried on board the Tamar river barges in the early 1900's. Stone would be carried to Plymouth from way up river and the quarries based there but on the way back it would be the horse manure cleared from the streets of Plymouth. This was a very worthy cargo as this fed the local Market Gardens and helped to produce all manner of produce that would be carried back to the shops along the river and to Plymouth. The barges never stood still and were never empty of cargo. They had to pay their way and were the workhorses of their day. 

Today Lynher is still working for her living but it is much more glamorous. She is very much admired when she is out and about and you can see how fine she looks at 125 years old from these latest pictures of her. She is now the very centrepiece of our operation at Lynher River Barge CIC and we proudly navigate the Tamar river and its tributaries and Plymouth Sound on her as we run our "Education On The Waterways" programmes for children and adults. To find out more information about these trips and our Wildlife Cruises come and visit us at Cotehele, where we will be based in August or go to our website:

- Norma Izard OBE Talk -
Remembering her Great 
Grandfather James Goss
- Lynher's Architect and Builder -

During our Maritime Festival held at The Gymnasium, our shore based classroom and workshop we were very excited to have Norma Izard, OBE and her son Mark visit us on Saturday, 5th June. Also paying us a visit was Robert Paige, the son of R.T. Paige, who wrote the book "The Tamar Valley At Work". Norma is James Goss' Great Granddaughter, who built Lynher and she remembers him well and her visits to James' Boatyard on the banks of the Tamar when she was a child of around 7 years old. She fondly said of James, that she rememberers he was a "great kindly, bear of a man." It was wonderful to see all the old photos Norma brought with her and she really brought the life of the Rivermen and the Barges, their Architects and how the Tamar looked and felt then alive for us all with her talk. Norma told how it was very physical,  hard work and long days. They would start early and finish late in the day. Her Great Grandfather James Goss' Story is a compelling and fascinating one. What a wonderful man he was - one of a kind - his like never to be seen again in this day and age. He could neither read nor write but he could design and build all manner of boats by judging everything with his eye and his "rule of thumb." He would just look at a boat and memorise it in detail and then set about creating it for real, marking the planks on where to cut with his thumb. It was completely astounding to all as they were perfectly scaled models! He looked after his three boys who joined him at his boatyard and they all learned their craft from him by watching him work with his huge deft, clever hands. He made sure they gained their "Debenture Certificates" which he proudly signed for them. This would secure them work and therefore good money for their families in the future when he was no longer around. This is something that was so important to James as he never received his debenture certificate as he fell out with his father and left his apprenticeship early to work as a carpenter on various trading ships to earn enough money to have a Boatbuilding Yard of his own but this is another story! We learned how James hated unfairness and was a kind straightforward man so how did he come to end up in prison in Australia? We learned all about that tale too from Norma and from Robert, whose father had detailed that chapter of James' life in his book. We recorded Norma's speech for prosperity and "live streamed" most of it on our social media on

Lynher joins the Shipshape Hub South West 

We joined very fine company indeed on the 5th June as we became members of The Shipshape South West Hub through National Historic Ships. As you can see from the photographs, SS Great Britain joined the day before on 4th June. She is also a wonderful link with our area and The Tamar River as this great ship was designed and built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, whose famous bridge spans our waterways. There is a picture at the beginning of this newsletter of Lynher sailing under the bridge on one of her many voyages.

The Shipshape Network brings together historic vessel owners, skilled craftsmen, businesses, heritage organisations, training bodies and all those with an interest in Britain's maritime heritage and ship preservation.  The Shipshape Network is about making contacts and forging partnerships so that results can be achieved which would not be possible on an individual basis.

Shipshape South West brings together traditional skills, services and facilities across Bath and North East Somerset, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly. It acts as a focal point connecting vessels, projects, organisations and craftsmen including: the Underfall Yard, Albion Dock Company, ss Great Britain and M-Shed in Bristol; the Boatbuilding Academy at Lyme Regis; the Lynher River Barge CIC in Cremyll; Gweek Classic Boatyard and Working Sail in Cornwall; and a range of craft from the National Register of Historic Vessels.

Visit Lynher's ShipshapeHubSouthWest page

Pictures and News from our Virtual Maritime Festival held at Cremyll - 4-6 June

What a creative few days with a wealth of talent in attendance at the Cremyll Maritime Festival. We are so lucky to have them all living on the Rame Peninsula. The live music was also "live streamed" on our social media pages so you could all attend "virtually" and it really was music for the ears after not hearing groups play together for such a long while. It made for a proper celebration. If you have not heard these wonderful musicians then you can find the recordings on our Facebook page if you scroll back to the dates of 5th and 6th June. If you are not already following us there on our social media you can find us both on Facebook and Instagram by searching for "Lynher Of Cremyll." Picture 1 on the left above, is the wonderful Cornish folk band "Black Friday". Picture 2 above on the right, are the brilliant Acoustic Duo "Kit and Nick." Picture 3 is a young artist fully engaged in a community pop art session with local CIC Awenek Studio, painting Lynher's portrait for her 125th birthday present. Picture 4 is one of the young musicians part of a trio of young talents who entertained us with sea shanties and folk songs.

Dates For Your Diary - August 2021 Cotehele

Come and visit Lynher at Cotehele Quay this summer, enjoy viewing her heritage or book one of our family activities and short river cruises during the period 10th to 27th August. The Acrobatic Circus will be performing on Lynher for all to marvel at and we shall have great music. Perhaps you'd like to join in with us and sing a sea shanty or two? Lots of exciting activities for all the family to watch, learn and take part in will be happening on the quayside. We will be fully opening up her hatches to her cargo hold and demonstrating how cargo was craned into it in the early 1900's. We will be showing you how to hoist Lynher's huge mainsail and why don't you have a go too! 

In next month's newsletter we will post the full timetable for Lynher and the activities on which dates we have planned at Cotehele. We can't wait to see you all there. 

If you would like to learn more about Lynher's cruises or book an experience please contact us t.01752 710052

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