Lynher's March Newsletter
River Tamar, my love!
The natural beauty of the River Tamar never ceases to surprise
I am fascinated by the River Tamar. How come that a small paddle of water coming out of the ground at a place called Woolly Moor, 3 and a half miles off the North coast of Cornwall, decides to flow in the opposite direction, south eastward, to become a mighty river? The Tamar flows for 61 miles before joining the sea of the English Channel. During this amazing journey it provides nourishment to a whole natural and animal habitat. It creates Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as the Tamar Valley and rare Sites of Special Scientific Interest such as the West Mud where a unique estuarine habitat is defined by the biodiversity of its intertidal waters. The Tamar never ceases to surprise me and I long to explore it on Lynher to feel a complete part of the riverscape! Click on the button below to book your special voyage on Lynher.
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Lynher goes looking for her spars
Part one
It is that busy time of year again, when the pressure of getting the boat back together makes you even welcome the British Summertime! Lynher's team had its hands full this month, from bringing Lynher downriver in a wet and freezing afternoon to man handle Lynher's super heavy mast down the road for the joy of the onlookers. We were lucky enough to have some great people helping us (thanks to Ben, Maya, Milo, Katy, Linda, Pete, Brian and Kit!) and a lovely sunny weather when we handled the spars and mast. We walked the 3 tonnes mast down the road from Lynher CIC's workshop The Gymnasium to Mashfords Boatyard, click on the image below to watch a short clip that captured the moment.
A sharp turn for the 50 foot mast but we made it out!
Lynher found her spars at Cremyll
Part two
Probably in the old days they would have stepped the mast on Lynher by using the donkey winch so people often asks us why we don't do it that way. The simple reason is because of the high risk involved, we could hurt somebody, break the winch or more likely the deck where the winch is fixed to or anything else on the boat. So we take a modern approach to the task and if there is a crane around, we use it! Our friends at Mashfords made us welcome and we followed a procedure we have done many times before on other boats with the Mashfords team. Having said that, this was the first time we were stepping Lynher's mast back on. Throughout the restoration and the years that Lynher lied at Mashfords, her mast has always remained aboard. Therefore there was a bit of trepidation when the crane lifted it up and Lynher's team carefully kept it in position whilst Hazel, the crane driver, skilfully aimed at the gap in the tabernacle. The operation was successful and we all drew a sigh of relief!
Look at my windlass!
The amazing skill of Deep Blue Engineering 

This was Lynher's anchor winch as we gave it to David Webster at Deep Blue Engineering, based at the Multihull Centre in Millbrook. David's brief was to make it work better and he certainly did. In his own words: 'A restoration process….when nothing can be dismantled and it’s necessary to cut, burn, grind and machine, just to get the winch apart.'

The work David carried out was no mean featHe found out that the shafts were slightly worn at the point they pass through the bushings and therefore he had to machine them down slightly in diameter. The square end profiles also had to be machined, so that they are all the same size and fit a new crank handle with rotating oak grip.

It was unlikely that the gypsy/warping drum was straightforward to remove, given their 100/1 taper key and many years of settling with the shaft, therefore in order to dismantle the windlass, the main shaft had to be cut, and then machined out from both the gypsy and warping drum thus requiring a new main shaft and new main shaft bushes. 

David also had to check the housing thickness where it was corroded then he had to paint and reassemble it. Well it was definitely worth it! Look what was returned to us with the highest standard of craftsmanship.

What are your plans for this Spring? 
Come to see us at Cotehele
Lynher will be based at Cotehele Quay this Spring, come to say hello and see what we are up to. There will be the opportunity to book a short sail to and from Pentillie Quay, Weir Quay and Calstock. You will be able to join in on one of our rope work sessions if you are interested in learning knots and splicing. There will be the opportunity to learn how Victorian sailors lived and how they carry cargo of produce on and off the quay and along the Plymouth waterways. Advance booking is required so head over to our website to send us an enquiry or contact us via our social media handles at the bottom of this newsletter.
Mayflower 400 - The Legacy
An update on the Spirit of Adventure
Following the success of last year's Crowdfunding Campaign which allowed over 400 underprivileged children to take to the water on Plymouth's historic boats flotilla, the four organisations originally involved have decided to continue the legacy of this fantastic project. For three days during the first week of May, Plymouth's fleet of historic boats will be out and about, sharing skills and adventures with children in KS2 so that they will grow up with a fond memory of the sea and boats and who knows, maybe become a sailor in the future!

If you would like to donate towards this wonderful project please click on the button below and you will be redirected to our fundraising page.
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Thinking of starting your own Social Enterprise? 
We have created a handy guide containing a wealth of information and resources drawing from our own experience, to provide some guidelines to anyone who would like to start a Social Enterprise or community business. Click on Lynher's image below to view the pdf file free to download.
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