Lynher's October Newsletter
The Tamara Landscape Partnership
Sailing and Walking Tour Of The Tamar Valley AONB
On the 12th October the autumn sun blessed us and we had a wonderful day sailing and exploring The Tamar Valley AONB with the Tamara Landscape Partnership. The Tamara Landscape Partnership is a 5-year project that will work for a brighter future for the Tamar Valley and its communities by creating opportunities and positive change through a programme of 10 exciting projects. With the help of communities, farmers, local organisations and businesses, the partnership will cultivate landscapes that are rich in wildlife, as well as cultural and historic heritage within the Tamar Valley. The Tamara Landscape Project bring together likeminded groups and businesses who wish to help improve access to special places and promote ways for people to enjoy the landscape and improve health & wellbeing. Lynher River Barge CIC are proud to be one of the partners for this imperative initiative and will be helping to promote positivity and forward thinking for our beautiful project area and its people in as many diverse ways as possible. One part of the project is looking to improve sustainable and integrated transport and access into and through the Scheme area, including establishing a coast to coast, long-distance walking route. With this in mind the Tamara Partnership all gathered onboard Lynher for a cruise to Weir Quay where we anchored up and set off on a circular walk in spectacular autumnal scenery. The amazing Viaduct over the river Tavy to Bere Ferrers that heralded the age of steam was a particular magnificent sight. This viaduct and the one joining Calstock to the Bere Peninsula stopped the barges in their tracks, literally, as carrying cargo became much quicker and easier by rail instead of river thus leaving the barges redundant and abandoned to the river mud. This, as we know, was part of Lynher's story. Jim and James from Fotonow CIC came on the trip with us to film the day and they flew their drone for overhead images and video so we can't wait to see those and share them with you all soon. A big thank you, as always, goes to our volunteers, Brian and Kit, who together with Tazio helped us to sail Lynher downriver after the event.
Last Day Out On Lynher For Season 2021
Friends and Families of Special Children
Enjoying the physical work of hoisting the Stay Sail
What a brilliant day out for our families, friends and very special children at Barn Pool, Mount Edgcumbe on Sunday, 17th October. Who could have predicted the Indian summer day we had? It was warm and still and the sun shone on us all day. We set up activities on board Lynher for all to enjoy learning and participate in together. The pictures above show Friends and Families and  their special children, with various learning difficulties, having a great time. All working and achieving together whilst having fun, pulling ropes and hosting sails. A great respite for the families and a wonderful experience for all of us to be a part of.
Sail Cover Repairs
Sails Now Removed and Stored For The Winter Refit
This is when you wish you had a dinghy not a 50ft plus Tamar Barge to look after! The sail cover is ginormous but we are proud to say all repairs and patching have been completed and it is robust again and as good as new. The cover is now safely stowed away with all of Lynher's sails in safe keeping ready for 2022's season. The mainsail was easily taken down at anchor at Barn Pool following completion of the Friends and Families day on the Sunday, 17th October. The day was remarkably still and dry and warm for October and we had enough hands on deck to help fold it away. Although it is always sad to pack up as it has been an amazing year for us and so much has happened and Lynher has enriched so many lives in so many ways. All those memories are now in safe keeping too and if you want to relive all that we have achieved together then you will be able to find all the previous monthly newsletters on our soon to be revamped website. It has been a busy year and we have made many new friends so thank you to everyone who has been onboard as you have made it special for us. Onwards and upwards to more adventures but first we have the full winter refit ahead for Lynher so we will be posting all the volunteer opportunities and dates for you in our social media platforms this November so keep your eyes peeled if you want to get hands on with us. More hands make light work!
The Original Boatbuilding Tools Used By James Goss
Now On Display at The Gymnasium
Donated for Lynher's Maritime Heritage Display by Robert Paige 
How fantastic is this! The picture above shows our new display at The Gymnasium of Lynher's Boatbuilder's actual tools he would have used to design and create his wonderful designs, from the flash boats to the trading ketches and barges, one of which being Lynher. Pictured here are James' brace, set squares, spirit level, a gauge and a lovely folding ruler (imperial unit). These have been donated to us here at Lynher River Barge CIC to display to the public as part of our maritime heritage display. Robert Paige, great nephew of James Goss, is the custodian of these tools and he is the son of R.T. Paige, author of the book "The Tamar Valley At Work". The book tells the story of the bargemen and their families and their daily lives in the Victorian era. We also have a copy here and it is a wonderful read.
Modern Applications - Solar Panels For Lynher
Sympathetically Marrying Old With New 
We have been working hard this year on our plans to make running the Lynher Barge more eco efficient. We are now excited to show you how our plans are coming to fruition. You may already know that Lynher now has an electric engine and also an induction hob in the galley amongst some of the new eco introductions on board. To power these we have installed a 48 volt system via a bank of 8 x 6 volt of lead carbon batteries boxed and hidden under our galley table. We had to come up with a way of charging these batteries to run the system without spoiling the look of our traditional Tamar sailing barge. Our solution was to make and design a piece of furniture in house. You can see this being made in our workshop within The Gymnasium in our first picture above. Our thanks go to our volunteer Kit French for his excellent craftsmanship. This will be a housing which will sit across the rear hatches on the deck, just in front of the tiller. This housing will contain safe storage for our 5 long solar panels when we are cruising but when moored we will lay these solar panels alongside each other on deck. The intention is to fully charge the electric engine and other electrical applications onboard ready for use on our next voyage. Of course, the recharging will happen only when the sun is shining.  We are working on other environmentally friendly solutions, too, but we'll mention these in our next newsletter. The electric engine, fully charged, should last just over 2 hours, which is perfect for voyages to Cotehele Quay from Cremyll if the weather doesn't allow for hoisting the sails. The industrial sewing machine was employed to manufacture black PVC protective covers for the solar panels to prevent the edges being inadvertently  knocked and will also help them stay in place on the deck as we can thread though battens or rope to tie them down. We are excited that these solar panels will be in operation for the 2022 season.
 James Goss' Descendants On Lynher 
Birthday Cruise - Pictures from September's Outing
Lynher's Boatbuilder James Goss' descendants. Pictured in the centre wearing the Lynher branded hoodie is Norma Izard OBE who is James' Great Grand Daughter on her birthday celebratory cruise with her children and partners and friends. 
Last word from Captain Tazio. "If you like what you see here why not book to come out with me on a river cruise next year! Do you have an anniversary, birthday or wedding celebrations coming up in 2022? Then climb aboard - we can organise everything. What fun we will have together!" Email my PA at:
Date for your Diary
4th November 2021 at Lynher River Barge CIC 
Disappearing Lines - A Boatbuilding Workshop
by Gail McGarva

In Partnership with Maritime Museums and Organisations Across England
We are honoured to be hosting this workshop by renoknown boatbuilder Gail McGarva. In her own words Gail explains where her passion for boatbuilding stems from. 
"I lived on boats for many years in Bristol docks and on the River Avon when I worked as a British Sign Language interpreter. In 2003 I had an overwhelming feeling that I wanted to place boats at the very core of my life. I read about the Boat Building Academy in Lyme Regis, Dorset. When I went into the workshop, it felt like a homecoming. I trained at The Boat Building Academy in 2004-2005, building my first boat as a daughterboat to the oldest surviving Shetland boat of 1882 with Willie Mouat as my mentor from the island of Unst of the Shetland Isles.
​I launched the daughterboat called Georgie McDonald from Unst, the most northern isle of Britain, from the same slipway as the motherboat had been launched in 1882. Since the building of my first daughterboat, I have gone on to build several other daughterboats, each with their own stories to tell. People are drawn to traditional wooden boats, drawn to their skeletal, sculptural forms. I am passionate about involving the community in the building of my boats, fostering a sense of belonging to the boats and a connection to the sea."

In this new workshop, taking place at the Gymnasium at Cremyll on 4th November, Gail will engage people to capture and understand the lines and shapes of the boats that represents the community who built them and that are now at risk of extinction. The workshop is supported by the Art Fund and it is free to subscribe. Maximum number is 12 if you would like to take part. This workshop is proving extremely popular after appearing in our last newsletter so be super quick as we only have one or possibly two spaces left! Reserve your space by writing to us asap: 
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