Dear Residents, Ibis Cove is proud to have a beautiful pool and spa area, which is one of the most used amenities. In order for everyone to enjoy this space, specific rules have been put in place. There have been several reports lately of unruliness, so we are taking this opportunity to remind everyone of the following:

Pool rules are covered by the Florida Statute 10D-5 and are regulated by County and State Health Departments.  Additional rules may be posted in the pool area on the bulletin board.

1)    The pool, spa and pool deck may be used from DAWN TO DUSK only.

2)    Persons who are diapered or not toilet trained are not allowed in the pool, except if wearing specially designed watertight and leak-proof pants such as Pool Pals or the equivalent.  Users must immediately report to the Board and/or Property Manager any fecal contamination.

3)    No life guards are provided and ALL PERSONS SWIM AT THEIR OWN RISK.

4)    A shower is required by the Florida State Board of Health before entering the pool.  All suntan oils must be removed before re-entering the pool.  When suntan oils, lotions or creams are used an underlying towel must be spread to protect the poolside furniture.  The furniture must not be moved from the pool area.

5)    In accordance with County and State Regulations, no food or drink shall be permitted within 4 feet of the pool; however, Ibis Cove Master POA does not allow any food or glass anywhere on the entire pool deck.

6)    Unauthorized floating devices are not permitted in the pool.  Noodles and PFD for children are permitted.  Skateboards, roller skates, scooters, bicycles or such items are not allowed in the pool area or the clubhouse.

7)    Please return pool furniture to its original location and secure umbrellas when leaving the pool area.  Please wipe down furniture used.

8)    No diving, jumping, running or horseplay is permitted in the pool area.

9)    No animals other than service animals are permitted in the pool area or clubhouse.

10)    Maximum pool load is sixty-three (63) people.  Maximum spa load is seven (7) people.

11)    If radios are used poolside, earphones must be used.

12)    During lightning and/or thunderstorms the pool and pool area must be vacated immediately.

13)    Pool gate is to be locked at all times.

14)    Persons under eighteen (18) years of age must be accompanied by an adult resident while in the pool area.
15)    Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.

16)    Pool users must wear standard swimming attire.  No cut-off jeans, trousers or other forms of clothing are permitted.  Users of the pool are required to wear some type of covering between the pool and their home such as a robe, beach jacket or top.  Shoes or sandals are also required

17)    Persons who fail to identify themselves when asked by a person of authority i.e. Property Manager, Board member, or law enforcement, shall leave the pool area immediately.

The Association is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of personal items brought to the pool area.

Any activities not covered by the above should be cleared by the Board of Directors or Property Manager.

Also, most people have heard that small children shouldn't use hot tubs or spas because they're not able to dissipate the heat as much as adults. Neither the American Association of Pediatrics nor the Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued specific guidelines for a hot tub or spa use by children. However, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) advises that children under age 5 should not use hot tubs.
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