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 issue 154 ~ week of January 31, 2020
Note from the Editor

TGIF, <<First Name>>!  

We have quite a few new readers this week - so WELCOME to what I hope will be an extremely cozy corner of the Internet for you each Friday. We're excited to be celebrating our THIRD birthday week with you!

Three years ago, I pushed “send” on a newsletter that went out to a little over 300 subscribers. Most of them were my friends or friends-of-friends. At the time, I had a full time job working in tech. I had no grand plans, only a feeling. I felt tired, overwhelmed, and burnt out and thought maybe others would want a break too.

Little did I know that soon, this newsletter would become not only my passion but my full time job. It was an overwhelming first two years with a ton of hard work, sweat, and tears (I even recorded a Money Diaries podcast about how I went from making $140k to $1500 a month). 

Through it all I’ve been so excited, grateful, stumped, etc. that so many of YOU (150,000!) choose to read this week after week, show up to events month after month, and share our message that it’s okay to unwind and take care of ourselves and each other.

I always tell everyone that our community is what makes GNI, and it’s true. Thanks for being a part of this community whether you’re brand new or have been with us since the millennial pink days and for helping me and our team grow. I’m so pumped for the next 5, 10 years and beyond. 💕

Until Next Friday,
Alisha Ramos, founder at GNI
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P.S. If you're shopping for a Palentine's or Valentine's Day gift soon, we've got you. Here's everything our team is eyeing for the occasions! ❤️

P.P.S. Are you new here? In Issue 151, we talked about reclaiming your brain. Last week, we talked about small sustainable swaps we can all make to our daily routines.


this week's picks

what our team is loving this week
just chillin' (via @rosebudcbd)
  1. Hibernating with some old and new favorite shows. 📺 Here's what we're watching: Sex Education, Season 2 (Olivia), Love Your Garden (Alisha), Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Season 3 (Katrina), Grace and Frankie, Season 6 (Tyler), and Taylor Swift: Miss Americana (Jordan). "I recently read I like to Watch by Pulitzer-Prize winning TV critic Emily Nussbaum and it put me on a major TV kick. Would recommend!" - Tyler 

  2. Whip your finances into shape 💸 with a little help from our friends at Ellevest. Their digital investment platform helps you make a habit of investing. Bonus: It only takes a few minutes to get started. GNI Readers get $50 when you make your first deposit with promo code "GNI50". You got this! #SPONSORSTHING
  3. Starting to think about not wearing a parka every day. ☀️  "I think I have a quilted jackets problem, which imho are the perfect light jacket for early spring. After seeing this dusty rose one from Madewell, it's been confirmed. (Side note: If you're still in winter mode, I'm eyeing these tie-dye Madewell sweats.)" - Alisha 
  4. Trying some incremental organization. 🤓 "It can feel like my apartment will never be organized just the way I want it, but I've been tackling one organization project a week in 2020 and it's starting to feel like maybe I'll get there one day? First up: I organized my jewelry box two weekends ago and last week, I tackled my bookshelves (by color!)." - Tyler 

  5. Setting ourselves up for lunch-packing success in 2020. 🥗 "I feel like I've screamed this from the rooftops this past year, but the W&P Porter Bowl has completely changed my willingness to pack my lunch (and it's 25% off this week!). Several of you also had questions about the lunch bag Alisha was toting this week in our Instagram Stories and it's this one." - Katrina (Editor's note: You can find more of our lunch-packing recs in this piece.) 
  6. Keeping the sustainability tips coming in 2020. 🌿 "I recently got these dryer balls and it feels good not to use heaps of dryer sheets anymore. Plus, they cut down dryer time by 25% which feels like a win-win (and it doesn't hurt that they're really cute 😂). - Jenna 
sponsor spotlight: Bearaby

Trying to take better care this weekend? Deep, restorative rest is a good place to start. 😴

Sleeping under weight can help improve sleep cycles, lower stress, and increase happiness. That's scientifically proven. And since there's nothing quite like getting a full night's rest to refresh your mind and body, we were curious to explore the difference that Bearaby's weighted blankets can make. 

So we took them for a spin and it turns out, they make a huge difference. While everybody's approach to sleep is unique, we’re impressed that these blankets really do make us feel calmer as we drift off. Plus they're made from sustainably sourced organic cotton without any artificial filling materials, so they’re good for the planet, too.

Fun fact: The Tree Napper takes things one step further. (It's knit with highly breathable and extra soft tree fabric TENCEL™, which is made from Eucalyptus wood pulp. Manufactured in a responsible closed-loop process, TENCEL uses 10x less water than conventional fabrics).


smart reads of the week

from the GNI Team
our february book pick via @alisharamos

Fascinated by the inner workings of Silicon Valley? 📚 Same. This month, we're reading Uncanny Valley: A Memoir by Anna Wiener as our GNI book pick. "I started my career in the tech industry and was immediately intrigued by this book's potential for an honest look at the human side (and flaws) that have contributed to the "surveillance economy" of today. We hope you'll read along with us and tag us with your thoughts." - Alisha 

People are not your #content. 📸 These are highly digital times (lol see above) and if you're rolling with someone who loves to post about life — or maybe you're this person? — it might be time to chat about some boundaries. This NYT piece gives some key examples of what can happen when normal people gain a following, and how it can affect the friends that were there first. 

Are you always tired? 😴 We don't blame you, but we have something that might help. There's something about this time of year (less sunlight probably) that makes the days feel extra long. This read on the seven types of sleepiness can help you troubleshoot your specific type of tired (and get to the bottom of it once and for all!). 

Do you even face mask and pasta though? 😂 This one's just plain funny. If you've noticed this trend on Instagram too, it might be time to take a deep dive via this very important piece of investigative journalism. 😉

It's awkward when someone owes you money. 💸 If it's a close friend and a small amount, sure, you might extend them some grace. After all, they'd probably do the same for you. But what if it's a large amount or an acquaintance (if you've ever planned a bachelorette party for a large group, you might know this feeling.)? This piece offers helpful suggestions on the tough conversation you should probably initiate soon. 

Bonus read: We just want to grow old and be friends with Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan, too. 🙏🙏🙏
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heading into the weekend like...

so smol (via @boobie_billie)
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