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 issue 152 ~ week of January 17, 2020
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Note from the Editor

Happy Friday <<First Name>>!  

Whenever I'm heading into a job interview, tough life decision, or a big day, my college best friend, Izzy, is always first in line to shoot me a text. "Good skill today," she'll say, and it never fails to make me smile. Please note that she doesn't say good luck, and that's completely intentional. 

I'm not really sure when she started saying it — if you ask her about it, she'll give full credit to a kid she knew in high school that would say it before cooking competitions. (She went to a culinary high school. She's basically the coolest.)

Good skill. It's the nicest, most comforting thing to hear, and over the years, we've talked about what makes the phrase so great. It's not so much a denouncement of the role luck and timing can play in these moments (aka a huge role) as it is an acknowledgement that all you have control over are your skills and competencies. Plus, it's a vote of confidence that the person on the other end of the phrase thinks you've got the ~stuff~ to achieve your goal. It just plain feels great to hear. 

As 2020 is shaping up to be a year of weddings in my inner circle (maybe you can relate?), I've been thinking a lot about how we celebrate our friends not just in their romantic relationships, but for who they are on big presentation days, defending your thesis days, and buying an apartment days too. Because it's January, this question has been on my mind doubly as I've watched my friends set the foundation for big moments (and new beginnings!) to come this year. 

In the weeks and months to come, I know their goals will turn into progress, which will then turn into tests as they march toward their new milestones. When they're there, I'll be waiting in the wings, giddy and ready to send that "good skill" text. Maybe you will be too?  

Until next week, 
Tyler Calder
Director of Content at Girls' Night In 
Follow me @tylerkcalder on Instagram.

P.S. Are you new here? You can read last week's issue here.

this week's picks

what our team is loving this week
okay this is dreamy (via @houseofsixinteriors)
  1. Watching CHEER on Netflix. 📣 Something happened last weekend (it premiered lol), and now everybody we know is talking about this six-episode show and for good reason. These seriously impressive athletes quickly showed us that competitive cheerleading is so much more than what we saw in Bring It On.

  2. Setting a 2020 reading goal with a little help from Book of the Month. 📚 Unlike most resolutions, reading more doesn't have to start on January 1. Whether you're hoping to read more books, more diverse authors, or more genres this year, getting Book of the Month delivered to your door each month can build on some accountability *and* fun. GNI readers can use code GNI2020 to get their first book for $9.99.    #SPONSORSTHING
  3. Sending this NPR Life Kit episode to all our friends interested in starting a book club.  🎧 "First of all, this podcast is only 10 minutes long, which is genius, but we were extra delighted to tune in this week because (surprise!) our founder Alisha is the featured guest, talking about how to start a book club." - Olivia 
  4. Changing my screensaver to something that sparks joy. ✨ "I recently changed my work computer's screensaver to this digital clock (you might have caught it on our Instagram Stories this week?) and within a few days our whole team had asked me where I found it. It's minimalist and makes me feel good about my lack of screen clutter." - Jenna C. 
  5. Loving all your tiny tips from last week. ♻️ "Last week we asked you for all your tiny sustainability tips for 2020 and over 200 (!!) of you responded. We're going to round them up into a post in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, I saw this makeup remover towel come up a lot and I definitely support everyone getting rid of single-use makeup wipes in the new year." - Alisha
  6. Living for this understated wire-free bra. "Our team is obsessed with this bra, created by one of our friends. This is the bra that is *actually* as comfy as advertised, with sizes from XS to XXXL to boot. Somebody in our office recently said they wear one 5 times a week and I believe it. 😂 It fits true to size, but we say size down if you're choosing between two." - Katrina 
sponsor spotlight: Betterment

2020 Goal #1: Make bank... 💵

...because it ain't gonna make itself. That's why we're signing up for Betterment's Everyday Cash Reserve, a high-yield cash account with one of the highest variable annual percentage yield (APY) rates in the biz. We're especially into the fact that we can make the most of our everyday money from the couch.

We're trying to shatter that glass ceiling one GNI Reader at a time, and you can join in on the fight by getting started with Betterment for only $10.

Psst! Cash Reserve is provided by Betterment LLC, which is not a bank. Also, all cash transfers to program banks are facilitated by Betterment Securities. The more you know!

smart reads of the week

what we're reading this week...
words to live by (via @sophia.joan.short)

📅 New beginnings are hard. This can help. There's something about the New Year that inspires us to step outside our comfort zones just a *little* and see what happens when we commit to something with a new sense of focus. In this piece, Jenna (the newest member of the GNI team!) explores how to find your footing in a new beginning, whether it's a job, home, life moment, or all of the above. 

🎨 You can (and should) make more art this year. A little-known fact: if you're making art, you're an artist. And turns out incorporating creative habits into your routine can be pretty good for you too. If you're wondering where to even start — or how to stay consistent in creating — this is a good listen (or read!) with helpful tips like "focus on creating over expecting" (a mindfulness technique we can definitely get behind). 

🙋‍♀️ Who else is obsessed with Florence Pugh? The Academy Award noms came out this week, and while they were largely disappointing (see: Lupita, J. Lo, Greta Gerwig, and Awkwafina were all snubbed), a nom for Florence Pugh felt like the tiniest win. We're recently obsessed after seeing her in Little Women and Midsommar (the versatility! we have no choice but to stan), and loved this NYT profile on the budding star.  

🥟 Have you royally messed up a recipe lately? Same. But then we read this and realized it's okay because there's something to be said for the moments when you end up with 8 soup dumplings instead of the intended 32. You tried it, you learned something, you tested the bounds of your kitchen know-how and came out on the other side potentially even with some ✨JOY✨ to show for it. (Thanks to Alyssa L. for sharing!) 

🤸‍♀️When in doubt, stretch it out. News from 2020: Stretching studios are now a thing. While there's no denying the practice feels good (really, really good), now feels like a good time to investigate if the product is worth the cost. 

🌹 However you feel about the Bachelor franchise... this is a fascinating #longread about the show's seemingly 1:1 funnel to influencer-dom. It asks the tough questions, like WHO exactly is patient zero of the franchise's influencer movement? TBH the answer might surprise you. 

Bonus read: Baths are the coffee of the evening. Discuss. 🛁
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A weekend mood (via @karen.schipper
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