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 issue 147 ~ week of November 29, 2019

Note from the Editor

Happy Friday <<First Name>>!  

(Yep, today is Friday, in case you’ve also lost track of the what day of the week it is. You’re welcome. 😉)

For our American readers, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Personally, my greatest triumph was baking a pecan-meets-pumpkin pie that took me roughly five hours (listen, pies aren’t my thing) and eating copious amounts of mashed potatoes. 🥔

And now that we’ve officially entered the holiday season, our team has put together a little something to hopefully make your gift-giving tasks a bit less daunting: we’ve launched a holiday shop on our site! ✨ It contains a bunch of curated gift guides to make your life a bit easier. I made this one of my favorite little luxuries to gift and to receive.

Today we’re also launching what we’re calling our Homebody for the Holidays campaign. Over the next month or so, we’ll be sharing content that delves into yes, gift-giving and staying cozy, but also the trickier parts this season can bring such as tending to your mental health in such a busy and overwhelming season (which, by the way, have you seen the first installment of our therapy series with Alma yet?).

Have a cozy weekend and happy clicking!

Until Next Friday,
Alisha Ramos
Founder at GNI

in the journal this week

what our team is writing about
🛌 Make Your Nights In More Stylish With Our Chic and Comfy Loungewear Picks
One of the most common questions we get is which pajamas (and robes) we'd recommend. Since we think they make the best gifts (and 'tis the season), we rounded them up here. 

📚Friends of GNI Pick The Books They're Gifting This Season
Trying to figure out what to gift your most bookish friend? We asked our own good friends Grace Atwood (@graceatwood), Mari Andrew (@bymariandrew), Hitha Palepu (@hithapalepu), Carly Heitlinger (@carly), Lupita Aquino (@lupita.reads), and Ali LaBelle (@alilabelle) which books they're giving to help steer you in the right direction. 

📝 Rachel DeLoache Williams, Author of My Friend Anna, on Friendship, Hindsight, and Closure
If you read My Friend Anna along with us in November, you won't want to miss our interview with the book's author. We were tempted to just ask her, "HOW in the world?!" over and over, but we decided to dive a little deeper. 

this week's picks

what our team is loving this week
the slippers of our dreams (via @thestellalane)
  1. Repurposing yesterday's meal into today's leftovers. 🍠 If you're not all cooked out, there are some fun Thanksgiving leftovers ideas on this list – from mashed potato croquettes to cornbread stuffing fried rice. 

  2. Back home ballin' in these cozy slippers (pictured above). 🤗 "I saw these last week and had to have them. I like that they're warm but not suffocating and there's still room to wiggle your toes." - Katrina 
  3. Fighting dry winter skin with Curology. 🧖‍♀️ People often ask us where to even *start* with building a skincare routine. Curology is one good solution because it's completely customized (and considers your past skincare history) with a powerful mix of three active ingredients. GNI readers can take a quick skin assessment and get your first month of Curology products for free (plus $4.95 for shipping and handling). #SPONSORSTHING
  4. Leaning into this Dolly Parton moment 🤠 by watching Heartstrings on Netflix. Each episode is a fictionalized version of the story behind Dolly's greatest hits. Would recommend if you're looking for a show to watch with the whole fam this weekend.

  5. Finally buying this weighted blanket 💤(with a little help from this weekend's sales). "It's not cheap, which is why I've been waiting for this very week to finally make this mine." - Olivia 
  6. Decorating the tree with this everything bagel ornament. 🎄🥯 "I knew I needed this lil bagel the moment I saw it. Now to find a way to make the rest of my favorite weekend rituals into ornaments too." - Tyler 

sponsor spotlight: Verishop
These are a few of our favorite things... 😍   

When we recently learned about Verishop, it immediately felt like we were home. From candles to diffusers, wellness items, and cozy homewares, each carefully curated collection just feels like it's made for a GNI. Here's what we're loving most from Verishop as we search for special somethings to give our special someones: 

The Responsible Store, with conscious brands from Girlfriend Co. to Vitruvi
The Home Decor Shop, full of beautifully curated off-the-beaten path art and home items, perfect for gifting

And, because it can be important this time of year, Verishop is offering 25% off sitewide (through Tuesday), plus free one-day shipping and returns so you can get ahead of your gift lists this year. 

smart reads of the week

from the GNI Team
brb sleeping in this bed of mashed potatoes (via @epicurious)
🥘 Wondering how to support your partner of color at your family's holiday celebration? Or maybe the roles are reversed and you're looking for some support. This guide is so important for couples navigating new holiday traditions together, and it starts with clear and open communication between the couple as well as between the white partner and their family. "Some things... might seem obvious to you, like not touching Black people’s hair or asking an Asian or Latinx person person where they’re “really from.” Needless to say (and unfortunately), they're not obvious to everyone. Talk to your fam. 

💔 Micro-breakups can add up to macro-heartbreak. In this ManRepeller piece, the term "microbreakup" refers to a breakup with someone you're not in an exclusive relationship with. On one hand, we've been lobbying for less ghosting, and more upfront endings when things start to fizzle. On the other hand, it doesn't feel *great.* This piece weighs the two against each other. 

💌 Tired of getting somebody else's mail? Good news: If you're drowning in the mail of your home's prior occupant, there are a few steps you can take to stop getting all their Pottery Barn catalogs, doctor's visit reminders, and other random riffraff. First of all, make sure to return to sender. Second, you may have to head to the post office – this piece outlines your best course of action

🦃 The week's great debate: what time to dig in. If you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, what *time* did you do it? Most days of the week, dinner falls in the evening hours, but Thanksgiving is a lawless day, where anything goes as long as the turkey makes it to the table at some point. Read this to find out what time you should be noshing for optimal dinner enjoyment. (There's always next year.) 

🎰 Bonus Read: And the winner of the National Book Award is... 😍
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