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There was a period of time last year — in peak quarantine — where I was determined to get really good at making cocktails at home. What I learned: I can make a basic whiskey sour, and that’s...pretty much it. I’m not very good at this! Turns out, there’s a reason professional bartenders exist, and I will not be including this on my list of potential second careers.

Enter: Le Spritz by Ghia, which arrived on my doorstep at just the right time. I had given up on playing mixologist at home, and was also trying to cut back on my alcohol intake. Le Spritz is a ready-to-drink, bubbly version of Ghia’s signature bitter and alcohol-free apéritif, mixed with soda, rosemary, and yuzu for a super refreshing, booze-free cocktail. It’s a great way to enjoy the complex flavors of a fancy cocktail, with none of the alcohol or headache of gathering drink-making supplies. AKA perfect for me.

Le Spritz comes in a petite 8-oz. can — slightly stouter and slimmer than your typical can of seltzer, and portable enough for single-servings to bring for your next poolside hang, picnic in the park, or summer road trip. The design of the can screams “I am chic and maybe also expensive,” making it a perfect alternative to bring to a friend’s rooftop happy hour in lieu of a nice bottle of wine. (Hint hint to any future friends coming to hang out with me in my backyard.)

What, exactly, is an apéritif, you ask? According to Ghia’s founder Melanie Masarin, it’s “a class of beverages usually enjoyed before a meal to prepare the palate” with a typical flavor profile that’s bitter and herbal. Le Spritz is all the goodness of Ghia... plus bubbles. It offers a slightly less bitter version of Ghia's signature product, thanks to the complex mix of ingredients including elderflower, fig, and lemon balm. 

Overall, Le Spritz is a delicious, refreshing, and highly sippable drink, perfect for these summer months. It’s worth trying for anyone who might be looking for a sophisticated, alcohol-free beverage option. No cocktail shakers required!

Have you tried Ghia and/or Le Spritz? Any other non-alcoholic bevs you like? I’d love to hear your faves. Hit reply and let me know.

Alisha Ramos, GNI Founder and CEO

Le Spritz by Ghia, $18
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