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 issue 149 ~ week of December 13, 2019

Note from the Editor

Happy Friday <<First Name>>!  

Last week, I coughed up the $6.99 to purchase Disney+ so that I could watch The Mandalorian, a new show that’s part of the Star Wars franchise. On top of this, I’ve started listening to the Binge Mode podcast, which is on its Star Wars season. The cherry on top, of course, is that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is coming out on December 20th, the perfect temporal yardstick by which I must measure out the consumption and completion of said podcast by said date.

You didn’t sign up for this newsletter to hear me rambling about all the nerdy Star Wars things I love, so I’ll keep this short: I think that winter is secretly the best season because it allows us to indulge in all of our cozy, feel-good, and comforting things.

For me, that just happens to mean reverting back to all my fandom-y loves I’ve had since childhood. I mean, who else is loving the constant Harry Potter marathons on TV? The fact that Little Women is coming to the big screen (oh hi, Emma Watson, Timothée Chalamet, and Saoirse)?! That something as stupidly cute and silly as Baby Yoda is bringing even a small sliver of joy into our collective conscious?! Whatever flavor your fandom is (Meme Appetit, anyone?), winter is the perfect season to indulge in that delicious piece of niche-y joy. So I say…go forth and nerd out.

Until Next Friday,
Alisha Ramos
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🎁 Hitha Palepu on Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, "Doing It All," and How She Makes Time to Read Every Day
You might be wondering how Hitha Palepu has the time to read every day. Her first trick is her Book of the Month subscription. Her second trick is that you don't have to sit down for long stretches. Small doses work too! "It really is about training your mind to read in snippets rather than over long periods of time, which is antithetical to how we’re taught to read. Jumping into a book, as opposed to scrolling on Instagram, is a great way to keep my mind in a creative state." #BOTMPARTNER

👩‍⚕️ Ask Alma: How Do I Manage My Mental Health During the Holidays?
There's a lot to manage this time of year — travel, gift lists, and expectations among them. Here are some tips from an Alma therapist on how you can prioritize your mental health above all else while there's just so much going on.

😖 Feeling Uncomfortable About Food or Drink at Holiday Parties? You're Not Alone.
Here are some suggestions from our community about how to deal with all the precarious food and drink situations the holiday has a tendency to put us in. 

this week's picks

what our team is loving this week
  1. Currently watching (and loving) Dollface on Hulu. 🍿 "It stars Kat Dennings and is about a woman who's attempting to reconnect with friends after a five-year relationship entirely consumed her ." - Jenna, GNI Team

  2. Adding this Everlane cashmere beanie 🍋 in a very cheerful and pleasing lemon shade to my cart.  I also love my cozy gray alpaca sweater so much that I picked up another one in the color "Rose" over the weekend. - Alisha, GNI Founder  #SPONSORSTHING
  3. Gifting for your chic friend just got a little easier. 🎨 We recently asked our friend-with-good-taste (she's an art director!) Megan Soh what she has her eye on this holiday season, and her picks were so cute we asked her to round them up in our shop. (She featured some of our favorite notebooks and candles — we're obsessed!)
  4. Cooking Coconut Miso Salmon Curry for weekday (and weekend!) nights. 👩‍🍳 "December is notoriously full of treats and celebrations. On the occasion that I do have a night at home, this meal is grounding me in all sorts of comfort." - Mary Anne

  5. Getting 'em started young. 🧀 "I so wish my friends had toddlers so I could gift them this cutest-ever toy cheese and charcuterie board. I'm obsessed. love the idea of introducing a tradition my friends and I love to the next generation and that little baby plush brie is the cutest thing I've ever seen." - Tyler 
  6. Indulging our fandoms (of Star Wars and foodie things) 🤓 by getting these little Le Creuset stoneware pots that may or may not have a loose theme. 😉

sponsor spotlight: Verishop

To all our last-minute shoppers, we see you... 👀

ICYMI, Verishop is our newfound home away from home. We keep coming back to their curated beauty picks for our hair care, skincare, and bath care needs. (We've been swooning over the high-quality brands they carry.)

What we're eyeing this week: The brightening Ghost Democracy Vitamin C serum caught our eye, because it’s not reminiscent of ~eau de hotdog~ like a lot of famous expensive Vitamin Cs! We love that it smells as nice as it makes us feel. 🤗

Because we’re big fans of staying within our holiday budget, Verishop is offering 20% off sitewide (through 12/22) and 30% off Ghost Democracy products. GNI readers can get free one-day shipping to boot! 

smart reads of the week

from the GNI Team
drag us (via @bookofthemonth)
🌟 Are you shouldering most of the holiday prep this year? Okay, now a follow-up question:  Would you say you're doing more emotional labor? This piece argues that we diluted that phrase somewhere along the way, and it actually might be to our detriment. "When we decide to call housework 'emotional labor,' we deny the extent to which housework is simply work, which capitalism has historically extracted from women, for free. And in that obfuscation we make it more difficult to forcefully rebel against those conditions." What do you think — semantics or important distinction? 

👖 "It has POCKETS!" At some point or another, most of us have exclaimed this (with glee!) at the great privilege of discovering a practical pocket situation. We LOL-ed reading this cold weather social experiment about making every pocket of your winterwear count, and maybe even ditching any need for a purse in the process. It might not be a forever solution, but it sure is fun to think about.

🍜 Say it isn't so — we've got a takeout problem.  In 2017 (in the U.S., packaging as a whole — accounted for about 80.1 million tons of waste. While it's tough to say how much of that was takeout containers, making our takeout practices greener is definitely worth a thought. One way to help: Start supporting food companies that are committing to reusable packaging. Second, read this piece and start talking to friends and roommates about making greener choices on the occasions you do order out.

📚 It's time to give Little Women the respect it deserves. For decades, reading it has been a rite of passage for generations for women and girls. It's a book that has stood the test of time and is now even on its eighth movie adaptation. So, why then, is it rarely next to The Catcher in the Rye and Fahrenheit 451 as required reading in schools? This piece argues it's far past time to add books that center on female ambition and adventures to the cannon. 

💸 Haven't checked your bank account lately? You're not alone. Bank account anxiety is common this time of year. The first step to understanding where you stand financially is facing it (even if it's scary). Read this for small steps you can take to work on your financial wellness, starting today or in the New Year. 

💃 Bonus Read: Sweatsuits are BACK, baby — and they might just be the coziest outfit of the season.

To prep you for the kitchen madness and delicious dishes to come, we're giving away 4 sets of Brightland's AWAKE Extra Virgin Olive Oil Duo (one for you and one you can give as a hosting gift perhaps?). Use it for prepping, seasoning, eating, and celebrating! It's one of our favorite kitchen items this year, and we want you to try it too. All you have to do is refer a friend this week, and you'll be entered to win. The more referrals, the more entries! 

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