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 issue 150 ~ week of December 20, 2019

Note from the Editor

Happy Friday <<First Name>>!  

The other day, one of our teammates, Katrina, was searching for significant things we remember from the 2010’s that could be great costume options for an “end of the decade” party. All I could think of were three things: 1) Five really great Taylor Swift albums (sorry not sorry), 2) Left Shark🦈 (remember him?), and 3) The Dress (the meme that divided nations).

It only struck me later that these were truly pure and good things, no matter how absurd. For all the grief, chaos, and uncertainty that’s unfolded in our world this decade, it felt comforting to remember the good

As the 2010's come to an end, and as we’re all wrapping up our rush-ordered holiday gift-shopping* (lol, guilty), I challenge you to find some quiet time in the next few weeks to reflect on the good that’s happened within your past year and decade. I say “challenge” because I’m the type of person who tends to focus on everything that went wrong, or wants to hurry up and get to the next thing - anyone else? And sure, there’s a certain level of absurdity in finding joy amidst gloom or tragedy...but it’s also what keeps us going, as humans.

With that said, this 150th issue of Girls’ Night In will be our final one of 2019 (and of this decade!). Our team is practicing what we preach and taking a little break until January 10th. In between then, I’ll personally be reaching a new decade in age (HELLO, 30), so I’m sure I’ll have many FEELINGS to publicly process with everyone who chooses to read this thing. 😉 

Have a restful and reflective holiday, and see you in 2020!

Until next year,
Alisha Ramos, Founder at GNI
Follow me @alisharamos on Instagram.

P.S. Did you miss our most recent issues? I’ve got you: Issue 149 was about winter secretly being the best season, and Issue 148 was about unoptimizing the holidays and creating traditions.

*Which, btw, if you haven’t checked out our GNI Shop yet for our team’s top picks, you should.


Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott

Quick Take
“As soon as I heard rumblings of a new Little Women movie, I knew it was time for a reread. Recently, we've heard members of our community say the same, so we knew it had to be our pick. We love this story of female relationships, ambition, and adventure and we can't wait to spend the end of this year and beginning of the next with the March family. ” - Alisha

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this week's picks

what our team is loving this week
which one do you want most? (via @morganharpernichols)
  1. Watching this Bon Appetít Test Kitchen video for last-minute holiday side dish inspo, courtesy of Molly Baz's smashed potato recipe. 🥔

  2. Swiping on this natural deodorant (that actually works). 💦 Looks like Schmidt's cracked the code on an accessibly-priced natural formula. (And the crowd goes wild!) Our team's eyeing their new hemp seed oil enriched collection. Use promo code GIRLSNIGHTIN for free US shipping. #SPONSORSTHING
  3. Last-minute gifting this smart mug (it's temperature controlled!) and this set of oh-so-pretty light blue nonstick pans. "I have these pans in green and I've loved them for years. Seeing this blue set reminded me what a great gift they'd make." - Tyler 
  4. Trying a "Secondhand Santa" (or a sustainability swap) ☝️ tradition with our friend group this year. "Here are the ground rules: Everybody brings in an item from their home (maybe something that doesn't fit or they don't have a use for) to swap. It's a fun way to do a low-stakes White Elephant and can even be done (and enjoyed!) after the holidays." - Jenna
  5. Leaning into all things velvet with these beautiful Birdies flats. 🥿 Our team literally oohed and aahed when we saw them in person for the first time, because they seem like the closest thing to wearing slippers outside, while still having some much-needed support. 
  6. Taking a trip down memory lane with this "Goodbye '10s" playlist on Spotify. "I'm getting ready for a decade-themed New Year's bash, and these playlists have reminded me of so many songs I'd tucked away in the back of my head — anything by Jason Derulo, for instance." - Katrina

in the journal this week

what our team is writing about
🏡 Home Sweet Home? How I'm Redefining What It Means to Go "Home" for the Holidays

😰 We Asked Three Therapists How to Handle Holiday Stress (Because, Let's Be Real, It's Really Starting to Kick In) 

📚 Angie Cruz, Author of Dominicana, On Writing, the Immigant Experience, and Community as Self-Care

🧴Skincare Two Ways: How Two Friends (With Completely Different Skin Types) Each Choose the Right Moisturizer

🧘‍♀️ Lee Tilghman of @LeeFromAmerica on Taking an Instagram Hiatus and the Power of Real Human Connection

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  • There's no wait time or shipping required.
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smart reads [countdown] of the week

since we won't be in your inbox for a couple of weeks, we couldn't choose just five...
so much coziness (via @mikaelaryan)
 👀 10) Reminder: Having a personal life outside of work is important. 

🥵 9) Where do you fall on the great eggnog debate

📱 8) Social media created "Instagram face." Is it affecting the way we see beauty?

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 7) Is the kitchen island the new place families gather?

❤️ 6) When falling in love changes your perception of yourself

🥳 5) All those in favor of moving some holiday parties to January, say "Aye."

🙀 4) Bad news: Your cat probably doesn't like that cat filter

🌟 3) You don't have to rank everything, even if the internet wants you to.

🌳 2) Here's a resolution: Take more mental health days

🚕 1) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's apartment really is marvelous. 

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heading into the end of the year like

(via @alilabelle@iosonopipo)
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