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Summer calendars are filling up for some of us, which means more decisions to make about outfits we haven't worn in...a while. Picking a pair of shoes to wear seems a bit daunting right now, especially after the past year plus of wearing...mostly slippers, probably?! (And maybe Crocs, unfortunately.) But stress no more because our team rounded up some of our favorite shoe picks for summer. Whether you’ve got a beach trip, summer wedding, or outdoorsy adventure on the horizon, we've got you covered.

- The GNI Team

The Knot

Our shoe pick for: a city hang, museum strolling, and day-to-night exploring.
Tree Dashers

Our shoe pick for: sustainable shoppers, summer runners, and all-day comfort. 
Weekend Boot

Our shoe pick for: big outdoors adventures and small weekend hikes.
TKEES Foundations Nudes

Our shoe pick for: easy packing, quick errands, and long walks on the beach.
Teva Original Universal

Our shoe pick for: the long weekend, a woodsy dog walk, waterfall chasing.
Hoke One One

Our shoe pick for: the power walker, the comfy commuter, the statement lover.

What we love about summer...

  • Heading to the beach with a big bag full of snacks and sunscreen.
  • Sitting outside in the shade with a packable sun hat.
  • Summer reading, but make it fun with this list of picks from The Atlantic.
  • Spending Sunday afternoons picnicking in the park with all the right gear.

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