Week 5: April 27 - May 1

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Rhythms for everyday life...  Haiku & Art Reflection

The Haiku and Art Reflections are a meaningful ways to explore your truth
and receive clarity.  They are a way to help you to realize something
that you already knew but might have forgotten.  They take you
back to yourself, back to who you are and what it's like
to be human, holding reality, pain, beauty and life.
May you experience mercy and the peace of God today.

Resource Guide: Spiritual Rhythm of Haiku & Art Reflection
Click here: Student Guide and Faculty/Staff Guide (PDF)
Mindful Moments with Karen
A weekly rhythm to pause and stretch your mind, body and soul.
These are short exercises created with you in mind.
Very easy and practical--no experience needed.
We've curated a special playlist for you with a theme of sorrow and joy!
Spotify:                                                        YouTube                                                                 
Chat with a Campus Pastor
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