Week 3: April 13 - April 17

Click here on TUESDAY at 11:10am
for our first Chapel of Spring Quarter with live worship,
live streamed from Nickerson Studios.

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University Ministries has several small groups launching THIS WEEK.
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Journey Together, Mondays | 12:30-1:30PM  *Note time change.
  • Exploring life's questions about faith and what it all means!
  • This week's topic: "What do I need? ...What if I don't know?"
  • Facilitator: Chaplain Lisa Ishihara
Spiritual Rhythms for Disruptive Seasons, Tuesdays | 12-1PM
  • Feeling like you need to build some rhythms for your health, spiritual and otherwise? Connect to this small group to explore ways to incorporate practices into your life.
  • This week's topic: Taking a Deep Breath
  • Facilitator: Deb Nondorf
Life Hacks - Navigating Adulting, Wednesdays | 1-2PM
  • Connect with others wondering about how to prepare for life ahead. Open to SPU Undergraduate juniors and seniors.
  • This week's topic: "Now What: COVID-19 Wrecked My Plans"
  • Facilitator: May Tag Yang
Faith & Leadership Circle, Thursdays | 12-1PM
  • Bring your lunch and connect with other student leaders for discussions and support on faithful leadership. We will eat and conversate over Zoom
  • This week's topic: How are you really doing?
  • Facilitator: Chaplain Lisa Ishihara, Rev. Matt Poole (FFMC) & Rev. Paul Kim
SMC Small Groups | TBT
  • Residential Students: follow us @smcs.of.spu for udpates and more information.
  • Non-Residential Students: will be contacted by their previous SMC to get connected.
  • Facilitator: Rev. Kelsey Rorem
Rhythms for everyday life...
Each week, we invite you to join us on a Spiritual Rhythm for living well today. 
Stress and anxiety are a real thing and maybe this rhythm of slowing down, reflecting and breathing may be a good invitation. 
Chaplain Lisa will invite us into this in Chapel

Click here on TUESDAY at 11:10am.

Resource Guide: Spiritual Rhythm of Breath Prayer & Reflection
Click here:
Student Guide and Faculty/Staff Guide
Mindful Moments with Karen
A weekly rhythm to pause and stretch your mind, body and soul.
These are short exercises created with you in mind.
Very easy and practical--no experience needed.
Chat with a Campus Pastor
We're here to process new challenges or talk through your questions. Here's more information!

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