Israel's Justice Ministry backs decrim; Illinois treasurer presses Trump; Virginia decrim bills fail
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U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), President Trump's nominee for attorney general, has provided responses to written marijuana questions from a number of senators. Some highlights:
  • "While I am generally familiar with the Cole memorandum, I am not privy to any internal Department of Justice data regarding the effectiveness and value of the policies contained within that memorandum... I will certainly review and evaluate those policies, including the original justifications for the memorandum, as well as any relevant data and how circumstances may have changed or how they may change in the future."
  • "I will not commit to never enforcing Federal law. Whether an arrest and investigation of an individual who may be violating the law is appropriate is a determination made in individual cases based on the sometimes unique circumstances surrounding those cases, as well as the resources available at the time."
  • A recent federal court ruling that a Congressional rider prevents the Justice Department from going after people complying with state medical marijuana laws "is relatively recent, and I am not familiar with how other courts may have interpreted the relevant appropriations language or the Ninth Circuit’s opinion. As an emerging issue, that is one that will need to be closely evaluated in light of all relevant law and facts... I will conduct such a review. Of course, medical marijuana use is a small part of the growing commercial marijuana industry."
  • On "good people don't smoke marijuana": "My words have been grossly mischaracterized and taken out of context... I was discussing the value of treating people for using dangerous and illegal drugs like marijuana, and the context in which treatment is successful."
  • "I echo Attorney General Lynch's comments [on marijuana being illegal], and commit, as she did, to enforcing federal law with respect to marijuana, although the exact balance of enforcement priorities is an ever-changing determination based on the circumstances and the resources available at the time."
  • "I will defer to the American Medical Association and the researchers at the National Institutes of Health and elsewhere about the medical effects of marijuana. Without having studied the relevant regulations in depth, I cannot say whether they may need to be eased in order to advance research; but, I will review this."
BOTTOM LINE: Sessions is still being very guarded in discussing the Trump administration's intentions toward state marijuana laws. Probably the most important revelation above is that he is going to review and evaluate the Cole memo that gives states a roadmap for how to avoid federal interference with their cannabis laws.

The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider Sessions's nomination Tuesday but Democrats have indicated they will try to delay the vote.


The Virginia Senate Committee on Courts of Justice declined to advance two marijuana decriminalization bills in lieu of a study on the topic that the state's Crime Commission is expected to conduct. But the panel did approve legislation to scale back the state's existing suspension of driver's licenses for people convicted of marijuana possession.
The Illinois state treasurer sent a letter to Trump urging his administration to let banks serve the marijuana industry without penalty.
The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that police can't be forced to return seized marijuana to defendants, even when they are found innocent.
The North Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill to prevent workers' compensation from paying for medical marijuana. Lawmakers there are also putting the finishing touches on a broader bill aimed at setting rules to implement the new voter-approved medical cannabis law.
The Montana Senate State Administration Committee approved a bill allowing the voter-approved medical marijuana measure to go into effect immediately in light of a drafting error.
Nevada regulators say they're working on letting existing medical cannabis dispensaries sell recreational marijuana starting on July 1.
A California assemblywoman introduced legislation to shield immigrants from being deported for low-level drug offenses.
Another marijuana legalization bill was filed in Connecticut.
The Louisiana Supreme Court suspended a lawyer from practice for a year after he was found to have offered legal services in exchange for marijuana.
Here's a look at the many marijuana bills that have been filed in Hawaii this year.
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Israel's Justice Ministry is recommending the decriminalization of marijuana. Separately, the country's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will fund medical cannabis research.
Following up on an earlier court ruling that it is unconstitutional to incarcerate people for possession of marijuana in the Republic of Georgia, another case this week considers whether existing punishments for home cultivation are too harsh.
The Canadian government's statistics bureau found in a new report that organized crime networks aren't as involved in the marijuana trade as they are with selling other illegal drugs.


Researchers say there's a lack of study on the efficacy and safety of CBD in psychiatry.


The Boston Herald editorial board is cheering on efforts by state lawmakers to amend the Massachusetts's voter-approved legalization law.


An Oregon company wants to build a marijuana-friendly RV park.
Bong maker Roor has filed a number of lawsuits over alleged counterfeit products being marketed in its name.


Former Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu took to Twitter to slam the bloody drug war in the Philippines that has left thousands dead in the streets:
  • "I know someone closely who used to be a user, is now clean, and would not have benefited by being murdered."
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