Member Business Lending | January 2017
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"Guiding our family of credit unions to excellent lending experiences"
2017 MBL Symposium
Check out the MBL Symposium webpage!
We are excited for our first annual MBL Symposium.  Whether you're an early bird registrant or still deciding whether or not to attend, check out the new webpage for detailed information about the event.
Check out the 2017 MBL Symposium Webpage
Loan Participations

Loan participations provide credit unions with an opportunity to diversify and manage their MBL portfolio.

Whether buying or selling, credit unions have similar risks in monitoring and managing loan participations. Purchasing lenders risks are centered in the due diligence (credit analysis), strategic planning, and documentation review.  Sellers risks are centered in regulatory compliance, full disclosure, and credit administration.  MBL has the expertise to guide you through every stage in the process.  Our services include:
  • Due diligence on participation institutions
  • Full underwriting on participation loan requests
  • Assistance in purchasing and selling participation loans
  • Investor reporting and funds management
  • Easy matching of buyers and sellers with MBL network of lending institutions 
MBL has listed two new loan participation opportunities on our website.  Click on the link below to view details.  If you are interested in participating in those loans please contact
Ryan Bergevin 
Phone: (801) 545-7934
Participation Opportunities
“For several years, we have found that our most profitable business lending has been in SBA 7a term loans.  That is because the premium paid by the SBA secondary market for the guaranteed portions of these loans is so high.  And you can take the entire premium into present income without amortization!  The rationale for high premiums is evident when you compare the yield on a 10-year Treasury note (around 2.50%) with the sold guaranteed portion of an SBA 7a term loan (WSP + 2.75%, or 6.50%), both of which have zero risk to the investor, showing why investors are so anxious to buy.  Member Business Lending, LLC assisted us just last week on a $280,000.00 term loan, selling the 75% guaranteed portion of $210,000.00 for which we will receive a premium of $27,280.40.  The staff at Member Business Lending, LLC makes the process easy, and are great to work with.”
— Jeff Stringham
VP, Business Services
MBL Monthly Webinar
SBA 7(a) Business Valuations

Thursday, February 23rd 
2:00 - 2:30 pm (Mountain)
We are pleased to welcome guest presenter Michael Mozer, Vice President of Scalar Analytics.  In this session, Michael will help you to gain an understanding of business valuation reports needed for 7(a) financing.
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Motivate • Build • Lead | Our Guiding Principles
As we focused on our vision to be the foremost provider of commercial lending services to the credit union industry, it became apparent that we would need to focus on 3 key guiding principles:
  1. Motivate - An externally driven focus on customers and their experience
  2. Build - An internal focus on improving ourselves to be the best we can be
  3. Lead - An ongoing drive to progress as a team with our colleagues and clients
Our goal is to motivate our family of credit unions through sustained relationships based on caring, trust and recognition.  We have built our foundation on employees that exercise integrity; strive for continued personal growth and improvement; and who hold themselves accountable for their behavior, actions and results - both individually and as a team.  Together with our family of credit unions, we will continue to lead the credit union industry through simplification, innovation and empowerment. 

You're probably wondering why we named our newsletter THELOADSTAR.  "Loadstar" is the less common variant of "lodestar", whose literal meaning, albeit archaic, is "a star that leads or guides; especially the North Star".  A loadstar is also defined as one that serves as an inspiration, model or guide. 

Our new logo depicts a loadstar at the center of a compass; a symbol of our mission to "guide our family of credit unions to excellent lending experiences."
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