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:: Happy New Moon in Gemini ::


Have you ever felt cursed? Born under an unlucky star, into an unlucky family, fated to repeat patterns or become your parents/grandparents, haunted, or gotten "bad DNA"? Chances are, you've inherited an old ancestral fear. We all have in one way or another. 

We know that for much of human history, our Ancestors did not have science to explain natural phenomena. Energetics were not understood or even known (and we are still figuring it out today). Myths, superstitions, belief in magic and the occult were part of every day life. So much so that the fear of witchcraft wiped out entire populations. People very much believed in the power of curses, hexes, and spells.

Now, all of that is only as real as people believe. There is no malevolent, evil black magical force out there, as portrayed in movies and books. There is only fear. And all evil is fear-based, and human-created. Evil "spirits" are just an accumulation of human thought patterns that have gained enough collective energy to appear to have taken on form. And as we know, fear is ultimately an illusion. So curses are only as powerful as we allow them to be. And our beliefs, our thoughts, create our reality. Our brains subconsciously look for evidence to prove and validate these these beliefs, so they do become very, very real. 

The study of epigenetics have proven and identified how inherited fear and trauma is passed down through specific genetic markers in our DNA. And DNA is changeable, depending on our environment. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the words we speak, the prayers and intentions we call in, the thoughts we think all influence the switches that turn on and off the expression of our genes and DNA. They cause chemical changes in our bodies and brains, literally altering and activating DNA, affecting the way our genes communicate instructions to our cells.

The dictionary defines the word 'curse’ as "a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon one." So long ago, an Ancestor might have been cursed by someone. All it takes is saying "I curse you to      !", which was usually accompanied by finger pointing (fingers are the original magic wands!). The power of belief, both on the giver and on the receiver's parts, made it very real, and physical. And certain switches were flipped in their DNA, which then made their way down the family line to you.

Some generational curses I've come across in my work with clients are familial histories of addiction, miscarriages/infertility, extreme poverty/debt, early deaths, violent and/or depressive tendencies... the list goes on. Even illness -- all illness, every physical condition, has an energetic origin. One of my friend's great-grandmothers was cursed to have all her husbands die young, which indeed happened. And it also happened to her grandmother, and mother. Curses can also be self-inflicted, in the form of vows. The movie Practical Magic beautifully illustrates this.

Healing allows us to rewrite family narratives of generational fear and trauma. One of my favorite tools is breathwork, as you know, because it gets us past the rational mind and down into the body and subconscious. Whichever way you feel called to explore this, of course, is the right way for you. All we need is awareness and intention. And on this New Moon in Gemini today, we are supported to gain new awarenesses, understandings and perspectives, and begin anew. All we have to do, as ever, is be willing.

Happy New Moon, peeps. 

Upcoming Workshops & Events
Breathwork for
Ancestral Healing

Sunday, June 9th
3:00pm | MINKA brooklyn

We have the power in this lifetime to change our family line. We are the living embodiments of our Ancestors’ hopes, dreams, and sacrifices – and they are still very invested in us, though it seems we are separated by time and space. In truth they are always around us, supporting us.

Not only do we have the opportunity to clear and heal inherited beliefs, pain and trauma for ourselves and our Ancestors, we have the opportunity to bring forth and embody their sacred wisdom and knowledge.

The breath is the bridge between our bodies and minds, our hearts and souls, transcending space and time. Learn a powerful, ancient practice that will change everything. Join us - whether you are connected to your Ancestors or not, you can do this work. 

13th Octave LaHoChi Circle
with Shannon Loyola O'Neill

Friday, June 14th
7:00pm | MINKA brooklyn

13th Octave LaHoChi is powerful hands-on healing modality that brings in a very high frequency of light into one's physical and energetic bodies. La means Light and Love of God/Goddess/Spirit. Ho means Movement. Chi, of course, is Life Force. Hence, LaHoChi is the movement of light into the body at the speed of Love. The 13th Octave is a process of conscious union within the heart of God/Goddess; an awareness that is anchored deep within our hearts.

This is a powerful, yet gentle form of energy balancing and healing in which the body’s own natural healing abilities are activated and nurtured.

Holding Space Series:
Social Media as a Spiritual Business Tool

with Aki Hirata Baker

Wednesday, June 26th 
7:00pm | MINKA brooklyn

Social media is big part of how we share and communicate with one another in today's world. People either love it or hate it. But at its heart it is simply a tool, a neutral energy, that we can choose how to use and interact with.

As practitioners and facilitators, we need to find ways to share our offerings and ourselves so people know it's available. This isn't a course about algorithms, branding, or how to gain followers, but an offering on how to make the most of this medium mindfully and authentically. We will share practical advice and tools, and offer specific energetic practices to make sure your posts/emails/press releases/etc. are getting seen by as many people as possible.

New Offering: Customized Flower Essence Remedies

Flower essences offer gentle yet powerful support for healing and emotional wellbeing. I will create a customized flower essence blend based on your needs and intentions for where you are right now, and where you want to go. You will get a full-sized flower remedy and regimen, and you can also choose to get some coaching and guidance for moving forward on your path!
<< Learn More >> 
Work with me 1 : 1
Breathwork. Reiki.
Intuitive Tarot Readings.
13th Octave LaHoChi.
Flower Essences. 
What resonates with you? Give yourself the gift of healing. The gift of release and self-care.  It's the most important investment you'll ever make.

No matter where you are, I am here to support you. Learn more.
What others are saying...

“I had worked with Jordan on a number of occasions before purchasing her month-long package. My previous experiences had already fostered trust and I knew her to be a gifted healer, but the degree of growth and healing I experienced in that on each month was astounding. Utilizing two individual sessions and a customized flower essence I was able to move through some blocks that I had been struggling with for years. Her patient, supportive, and trauma-informed methods gave me the support I needed to make big shifts. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking to create real and lasting change in themselves." - M.M.

"Working with Jordan was extremely monumental in my growth here in NYC. She is a true healer, capable of understanding the depths of both past and present emotional trauma. Her nonjudgmental approach to our sessions was incredibly comforting and tailored to my individual needs. The reiki and breathwork were significant in releasing old, unwanted beliefs about myself. I could feel strong shifts in my body and mind during and after every time we met. Her flower essences are also very powerful and played a great role in my healing process. I highly recommend working with Jordan both short and long term. I'm grateful for our work together and to have such a wonderful person in my life." - E.T.

“After just one consultation with Jordan, I felt an immediate sense of relief, as well as a renewed sense of purpose. I was struggling to address some underlying issues that were interfering with my ability to move forward in my creative process. With utmost grace, she holds a safe space for dreamers to reflect on the obstacles that prevent them from stepping up to the plate so that their highest expression can be made manifest. She also provides practical tools and resources to ground your visions so that they are not lost floating in the ethers. I was most impressed by her response to my questions pertaining to social justice, equality, inclusivity, and being of service to others while creating a healing based business. She is the real deal. Do yourself a favor and experience some of her magic and wisdom. ” - M.P.
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