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:: You already know how ::

Who's been brought face to face with old pain and demons this past month/Scorpio season? Long-buried stuff or issues you thought you'd dealt with already? Yeah, me too.

The Taurus/Scorpio polarity is always transformative, and asks a lot of us. I was just talking about this with a dear sister, Giselle. Both of us have significant Taurus and Scorpio placements and when this energy comes back around every 6 months it pretty much rocks our worlds. We all have Taurus and Scorpio somewhere in our charts and this particular combination seems to be have the effect of a nuclear implosion. I used to fear it because the last few years have brought on some real Tower moments. It's intense! But as always, it's in our service.

Venus in Scorpio has been.... interesting. There's a lot of ink spilled on the subject, as well as today's New Moon, but the one thing I've noticed is that it's asked us to look at where we are giving our power away, particularly the small and subtle ways that escape our notice. 

When we give our power away we are dishonoring ourselves, and we feel it on a subconscious level both energetically and physically. It creates resentment, anxiety, and sadness. All muted forms of anger that are easier to live with than say, explosive anger that screams and shouts. These form undercurrents of energy that wear us down and keep us disempowered. Though I can only speak the truth from my own experiences, I think a lot of you can relate. We're all part of the collective consciousness and are mirrors for one another. Some questions that have come up for me during this time are:

- Do I need this person's approval?
- Do I really need to answer to this person and hold myself accountable to them as an authority?
- Am I making all the effort in this relationship or interaction?
- Why do I feel that my words or actions aren't enough?
- Why am I taking this interaction personally?

It's been tough, and humbling. But as always, questioning everything leads to greater answers and understanding. And it's freeing. Worry, once one of the driving forces in my life, has become a thing of the past. I've been staying in my own lane, and enjoying the hell out of it. And growth and expansion has flowed freely. Yes, this has meant that some friendships have changed, or fallen away. As a life-long people-pleaser who felt I had to give to make myself worthy of love, seeing the truth of some dynamics has really saddened me. One in particular has hurt deeply as a person I had considered a sister, someone I had shared deep parts of myself with and really trusted, ghosted me and changed their phone number. I'm not sure why. But staying in my lane means doing my best to not take it personally, and holding space with love if they choose to align with me again. They have their own reasons and perspective and unless they choose to share it with me, it's not my business. There's nothing but love in my heart. Part of staying in one's lane means keeping an open mind and practicing non-attachment. It' not my business until it becomes my business. If it aligns, it aligns and if it doesn't, it doesn't. I'm good, and it's all okay.

One of the big things that staying in my lane has shown me, or reminded me, is that in the midst of all this watery transformation is that I already know how to swim. I don't have to let myself get swept away by the deep tides of emotion and pain coming up - I can choose to ride the wave and let pass through me by softening into it, and not needing to know the whys and hows. I don't have to drown because I've always known how to swim. If I feel myself getting pulled under, I can change that dynamic by choosing to dive in and exploring it. I know how to do this. I've always known how to do this, over many lifetimes. And so do you.

This isn't our first rodeo, peeps. And not only do we know how to swim, we're Masters at it. One of the biggest illusions is that we don't know the answers, or how to find them. We do.

All of us are in a process of deep remembering -- or re-remembering who we are, where we came from, what we know, what we can and are here to do. We not only know how to swim, we can enjoy it.

This month, our work with the Ancestors deepens as we find our voice through our breath and our hearts at MINKA brooklyn. The call to return to the simple, yet powerful medicine of the Earth continues at BreadxButta. Let's re-remember together.

Happy New Moon.
Upcoming Workshops & Events

Four Thieves Herbal Vinegar Workshop

Sunday, Nov. 11th
3:00pm | BreadxButta Botanica

You may have heard of a Four Thieves essential oil blend, but it is actually a medicinal tonic that dates back to Medieval times. This is an ancient remedy that centers around herbs that have been known for their antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal properties for centuries. These herbs were famously used in this specific combination by four thieves during the Bubonic Plague. Other similar types of herbal vinegars have been used as medicine since the time of Hippocrates. This herbal vinegar tonic is highly versatile and customizable and can be used to prevent cold & flu, for magical protection, cooking, cleaning and beyond.

In this workshop, we will learn about the legend and the history of this herbal tonic, its uses and make our own blend in class! Great for beginner herbalists and all those who are interested in homemade, affordable health remedies. No experience required. All supplies included. Bring a notebook and pen.


<< $35 >>

Breathwork for Ancestral Healing
with special guest Isabel Maria Mareş

Saturday, Nov. 7th
3:00pm | MINKA brooklyn

This month, I am honored to have Isabel (@thesoundsofourstory) join us! Through dropping into our bodies, hearts, and DNA, we will find the voice, the song, of our Ancestors. We are the compilation of all the beliefs and experiences of those who have gone before us, expressed through the lens of our own souls and its imprints. This work is about recognizing and honoring the very real human beings who have passed through this life – they all exist within us. Their lives, their joys, hopes, sorrows and loves sit within numerous codes at the very heart of who we are.⠀

In this circle, we will find the songs of our Ancestors on our tongues and in in our hearts. As we find our breath, we are invited to put forth sound and song - even silence - to loosen the confines of language so that we may truly communicate / release / envision. Song and story begin with breath. Let us find our breath, our voices, and discover the sounds of our story.

MINKA x BreadxButta Present Flow20: Sense

Sunday, Nov. 18th
12:00-8:00pm | MINKA brooklyn

MINKA and BreadxButta are joining forces to collaborate on this special presentation of Flow20: Sense - An all day wellness event centering mind, body and spirit. The day will feature workshops that explore plant medicine, meditation, moon magic, color therapy, reiki, sound baths, ancestral healing & more.

At 1:30pm, I am offering Breathwork & Sound healing with Lynsey of BxB!  Tickets for individual workshops are $15-25 and day passes are $75-100.

Work with me 1 : 1
Breathwork. Reiki. Intuitive Tarot Readings. 13th Octave LaHoChi. What resonates with you? Give yourself the gift of healing. The gift of release and self-care.  It's the most important investment you'll ever make.

No matter where you are, I am here to support you. Learn more.
What others are saying...

"Working with Jordan was extremely monumental in my growth here in NYC. She is a true healer, capable of understanding the depths of both past and present emotional trauma. Her nonjudgmental approach to our sessions was incredibly comforting and tailored to my individual needs. The reiki and breathwork were significant in releasing old, unwanted beliefs about myself. I could feel strong shifts in my body and mind during and after every time we met. Her flower essences are also very powerful and played a great role in my healing process. I highly recommend working with Jordan both short and long term. I'm grateful for our work together and to have such a wonderful person in my life." - E.T.

“After just one consultation with Jordan, I felt an immediate sense of relief, as well as a renewed sense of purpose. I was struggling to address some underlying issues that were interfering with my ability to move forward in my creative process. With utmost grace, she holds a safe space for dreamers to reflect on the obstacles that prevent them from stepping up to the plate so that their highest expression can be made manifest. She also provides practical tools and resources to ground your visions so that they are not lost floating in the ethers. I was most impressed by her response to my questions pertaining to social justice, equality, inclusivity, and being of service to others while creating a healing based business. She is the real deal. Do yourself a favor and experience some of her magic and wisdom. ” - M.P.
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