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:: Happy New Moon in Taurus ::


Spring is my favorite season. Not only because of the beauty but because it reminds me that abundance is all around us, all the time. All we have to do is enjoy it to let it in. This month, I'm focusing on how can I receive what is already here. Abundance isn't something we have to call in, it's something we simply have to let in because in this abundant universe, it surrounds us already. Everything we want already exists, on one plane or another, and we just have to align with it. And it starts by receiving what is already here.

What is surrounding us in this now moment?

The beauty of spring. The flowers. The art we see. Whatever brings us enjoyment. What feels good. This is all for us. We wouldn’t have the ability to feel happiness, pleasure and enjoyment if we weren’t supposed to. 

Sometimes, however, it can feel like there is nothing to receive. No one is calling us with opportunities. Or what is around us isn't what we want. In these moments, I remind myself that nothing lasts forever and everything is temporary. But in every moment, we can choose to connect to love. It is all around us because it is in us. It IS us. Connecting to one's heart and self is the way through any difficult moment, and the Angels are always waiting for us to call on them. It is said that for every half step we take towards Spirit/the Divine, it takes 100 steps towards us.

And yes, sometimes connecting to love feels impossible. That’s where the work of healing comes in, breaking down those walls and stripping away the illusions of fear that block us from the truth of who we are. Healing is just returning to love, returning to the truth of who we are. 

There are only really two forces in the universe: Love or Fear. Every thought, every emotion can be distilled down to one or the other. And the good news is that Love trumps Fear. Always. No matter how powerful that fear seems, it isn't real. It isn't the truth. That's why it feels so terrible! Only love is real. And that's why it feels so good.

When we liberate ourselves from fear, we help others see that they can do the same. It gives them inspiration and permission to do it too. That’s how healing yourself heals the world. 

Happy New Moon, peeps. Take a moment to celebrate yourself, how far you've come and everything you've created, to be here now. Treat yourself to some flowers and/or a nice meal. Light some candles, put on something cozy and drop into your heart. Soften into the goodness of you.

New Offering: Customized Flower Essence Remedies

Flower essences offer gentle yet powerful support for healing and emotional wellbeing. I will create a customized flower essence blend based on your needs and intentions for where you are right now, and where you want to go. You will get a full-sized flower remedy and regimen, and you can also choose to get some coaching and guidance for moving forward on your path!
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Upcoming Workshops & Events
Tarot Readings
in MINKA brooklyn's Healing Temple

Sunday, May 5th
12:00-3:00pm | The Green Building

I'll be offering 15-minute tarot readings ($25) from 12-3pm!

Brooklyn Based's Holistic Picnic brings together all the worlds of wellness for one day at the Green Building in Gowanus, Brooklyn. At this feel-good fair, you’ll find plants for the home and plants for your health, herbal tonics and hemp-infused tinctures, natural beauty products, herbalists and aromatherapy experts, wellness practitioners, delicious food and drink purveyors, artisan goods and artists, aura, tarot and astrology readers. It’s also a chance to learn about a range of healing practices from a knowledgeable, growing wellness community in Brooklyn and beyond.

Oh, and if you want a FREE ticket (entrance only), use code BBFriends !

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Breathwork for the Full Moon

Saturday, May 18th
3:00pm | MINKA brooklyn

Breathwork for the Full Moon is back! We will com together under the Full Moon in Libra (the second one in a row!) to honor everything that has brought us to this point, release the old programming and beliefs still holding us back, and free ourselves to move forward in clarity and confidence. 

Breathwork is an ancient healing modality that will change everything... these circles are always powerful and transformative gatherings. Join us to discover this magic for yourself, and be ready to be surprised! 

Breathwork to Fill Your Cup
at Who Heals the Healer?

Sunday, May 19th | MINKA brooklyn

As tensions rise, so has the need for more healers. The waymakers, the agents of change, the ones armed with compassion.

But how many folks who step into this work have become burnt out or hurt along the way? What kind of long-term impact can we have if we don’t share the same healing methods we give to others with ourselves? How can we be a support system for others without depleting ourselves? How can we develop tools to thrive as opposed to just surviving? Who heals the healer?

This space is open to anyone who considers themselves to be a healer, but will center the experiences of BIPOC, GNC and QTPOC folks. If you are a co-conspirator/ally, please be mindful of this. Multiple expressions of healers are welcome, including and not excluding; birthworkers, parents, youth workers, curators, teachers, nurses, doctors, diviners, social workers, artists, witches, energy workers, empaths, organizers, creatives, movement workers, yogis, musicians, djs, reiki practitioners, herbalists, farmers, the strong friend; and any role that calls upon someone to constantly hold space for others.

Work with me 1 : 1
Breathwork. Reiki. Intuitive Tarot Readings. 13th Octave LaHoChi. What resonates with you? Give yourself the gift of healing. The gift of release and self-care.  It's the most important investment you'll ever make.

No matter where you are, I am here to support you. Learn more.
What others are saying...

“I had worked with Jordan on a number of occasions before purchasing her month-long package. My previous experiences had already fostered trust and I knew her to be a gifted healer, but the degree of growth and healing I experienced in that on each month was astounding. Utilizing two individual sessions and a customized flower essence I was able to move through some blocks that I had been struggling with for years. Her patient, supportive, and trauma-informed methods gave me the support I needed to make big shifts. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking to create real and lasting change in themselves." - M.M.

"Working with Jordan was extremely monumental in my growth here in NYC. She is a true healer, capable of understanding the depths of both past and present emotional trauma. Her nonjudgmental approach to our sessions was incredibly comforting and tailored to my individual needs. The reiki and breathwork were significant in releasing old, unwanted beliefs about myself. I could feel strong shifts in my body and mind during and after every time we met. Her flower essences are also very powerful and played a great role in my healing process. I highly recommend working with Jordan both short and long term. I'm grateful for our work together and to have such a wonderful person in my life." - E.T.

“After just one consultation with Jordan, I felt an immediate sense of relief, as well as a renewed sense of purpose. I was struggling to address some underlying issues that were interfering with my ability to move forward in my creative process. With utmost grace, she holds a safe space for dreamers to reflect on the obstacles that prevent them from stepping up to the plate so that their highest expression can be made manifest. She also provides practical tools and resources to ground your visions so that they are not lost floating in the ethers. I was most impressed by her response to my questions pertaining to social justice, equality, inclusivity, and being of service to others while creating a healing based business. She is the real deal. Do yourself a favor and experience some of her magic and wisdom. ” - M.P.
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