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:: Happy New Moon ::

Hello peeps!

This missive is coming to you much later than I planned... I usually like to get these out at the start of every month, and here we are halfway through June! In true Gemini fashion, I've been full of ideas and enthusiasm for new projects and I couldn't decide where to begin. I have 5 new medicines, 2 new workshops, and 2 exciting projects in development. My moon and rising signs are both Air signs so I have a tendency to get swept away and unmoored. (Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to Breathwork!)

Many people I've talked to this month, either in conversation or in readings, feel this great surge or energy and activity and deep need to change their situations, but don't know where to start. Things are swirling around and above and it can be tricky to bring it down to Earth to actualize these ideas.  But that's what we are here to do. Act as channels and sacred vessels to bring Spirit/Universe down into this physical plane to raise the vibrations of this planet.  Earth is a third dimensional world where teachings of the Universe can be integrated in a holistic manner, to attain Mastery. 

Confusion and not knowing what to do is something I've been hearing a lot lately. What if.... we let that be okay? We don't always have to have the answers in our conscious minds. Needing to have the answers immediately is an Old World conditioning. Needing to always know and be right is also the Ego. We do have the answers, deep within, in our bodies, and sometimes it takes time and space for them to rise to the surface. The feeling of "I don't know" is an illusion. And as we know, illusions must be worked through as we take our power back. This is part of the Mastery we have come here to embody in this lifetime. 

When we feel confused, it's because we are out of alignment with ourselves/Spirit/Higher Self. It's actually pretty easy to step out of alignment - there are so many demands for our time, energy and attention, and so many ways to numb or block that all out. For me that looks like not keeping up with my self-care and energy clearing practices, using caffeine to keep myself going and watching too many episodes of TV. Sometimes it's all too easy to revert back to the old ways I used to sustain myself, especially as my work as a healer, empath and space holder deepens and expands. But it's just as easy to get back into alignment, to step into the flow again. Every day, every moment, every breath is an opportunity to try again, to make a different choice and try again.

And if I don't know what to do, I just do something to get the energy moving again. There really are no right or wrong decisions. There are just decisions, and we learn from whatever happens as a result. And we can then make new decisions with that information, and go from there. Confusion can be paralyzing, and the only way out is through. Whatever I need to do to get the energy flowing in my body again, I do. That can range from drinking water, breathing deeper, or having a 5-minute solo dance party. I also take flower essences, drink infusions and take plant elixirs daily, as needed. These small, easy acts have moved mountains in my life.

One of the biggest plant allies for me when I feel confused is Mugwort. Mugwort is a very common plant that grows all over the country, most often considered a weed. In reality this plant has many medicinal and magical uses that healers and wise women have used for centuries. As my sister herbalist/plant witch Liz Neves says, "Artemisia vulgaris is a highly versatile medicine plant that stimulates FLOW in many parts of the physical and psychic body. Heart, mind, digestion, Moon cycle, Dreamtime, meditation - all are touched by this tenacious protectress of the wild."

Mugwort makes me feel seen, held and connected. And her medicine gently leads me back to my own inner knowing and flow. Next Saturday, Liz and I are offering a special workshop, healing and plant experience with this extraordinary plant. If you've been feeling the call to connect with nature and your own inner knowing, this offering is for you. 

Whatever you are working with this New Moon, know that you are seen and supported. We have an abundance of support and guidance all around us, from the plants to our guides, Angels and Ancestors. All we have to do is open to these possibilities. And if you need guidance, I am here. Happy New Moon.

Upcoming Workshops & Events
Midsummer Mugwort
Magic & Wildcrafting

Saturday, June 23rd
2:00pm | Prospect Park


Commonly thought of as a weed in modern times, Mugwort is a highly versatile plant that has a vast history of medicinal, culinary and magical uses.

In this experiential workshop, we will learn how to identify and respectfully harvest local wild mugwort. With our harvest we will make smudge wands and crowns in honor of the Midsummer Equinox. We will also undergo a plant journey meditation and commune with this magical spirit. You'll walk away knowing how to work with mugwort in practical, culinary, and magical ways.

Breathwork for the
Strawberry Moon

Wednesday, June 27
7:00pm | MINKA brooklyn

If you're ready for a change, ready to let go of pain, stuck energies and old stories, we’ve got you. Learn how to clear your body, chakras and aura and raise your vibration with the life force already inside you.

We'll use this life force to move stuck and stagnant energy in the body. This ancient eastern healing practice allows you to access higher and deeper states of consciousness, connects you with your Higher Self/Spirit, and helps you release baggage and heal at a rapid rate. It's nothing short of alchemy, and it will change your life. Plain and simple!

Work with me 1 : 1
Breathwork. Reiki. Intuitive Tarot Readings. 13th Octave LaHoChi. What resonates with you? Give yourself the gift of healing. The gift of release and self-care.  It's the most important investment you'll ever make.

No matter where you are, I am here to support you. Learn more.
What others are saying...
"I love Ostara Apothecary medicines and essences! My seasonal remedy duo keeps my immune system up and my body healthy. They both taste delicious! I know exactly what’s in these medicines and that makes me happy. I take my flower essences daily, I believe they have been helping me on a vibrational level and with internal healing. Jordan is lovely, she definitely pours her love into her work!” — S.M.

“I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful session yesterday. Your lightworking is so powerful and cosmic. I’m still in awe over what I experienced throughout our session. You helped me move through intense, deep blocks of energy that I wasn’t even aware were still an issue. I feel so much lighter, more connected and aligned — just beautiful plant medicines and lightworking. I can’t recommend your work enough!” — A.G.

"I admire Jordan’s creative intersections of different healing modalities and her honesty about her healing process. What really made me invest in a session was how she explained this service on her website. I was searching for an energy clearing session and I had several options to chose from, but this was most culturally relevant to me... Unlike other healers I have encountered, she helped to draw forth THE DEEPEST of the deep wounds. 

I am glad she helped me to complete an integral part in my healing. Prior to the healing, I was in a daze and vibrating at some of the lowest vibrational state possible. But after it, I was able to see Jordan in all of her Highest Self glory. I literally kept saying ‘I see you’. Like her eyes even looked different. I was able to see her as the Spiritual leader she definitely is... I am beyond grateful for what she advised for me to do. I will definitely book her and refer her to those who are seeking to heal. THANK YOU!" — E.D.
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