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:: Where is the Driftwood? ::

Last year my dear sister Kathleen shared a life-changing concept with me, something that I still think about a lot. I was deep in the shadow work of healing my money and abundance blocks, and was moving through a lot of (often paralyzing) fear. I was trying my absolute hardest to release these old fears and inherited beliefs, and to feel and attract the energies of what I wanted to manifest. I was using positive affirmations and abundance mantras. I was doing breathwork and RET daily. I was making my lists and setting my intentions in line with the moon cycles. Making magic candles and setting my altar. Visualizing, visualizing, visualizing. But not much seemed to be happening. It was frustrating, to say the least. Manifesting takes time and patience, of course, but after a year of this work I wasn't seeing much forward movement and every month losing my apartment was a real possibility. 

"Look for the driftwood," Kathleen said. What?? Driftwood, she explained, meant that what you were searching for was on its way, and in fact very near. When the early explorers set off in search of new land, they had no idea what they would find, or when they would find it. They didn't have a map. They didn't know what they were looking for. All they knew was that there was land out there, full of promise and greater possibilities. An inner knowing that they were meant to sail off in this direction, even though others cautioned them against taking such a risk. And they sailed across the ocean, for months on end with nothing but ocean ahead of them. And all around them. Blue waters and blue skies, with no land in sight. The risk of starvation, dehydration and illness was very real, and hope was very hard to hold on to at times.

But when the explorers started to see driftwood floating in the water, they knew that land was just over the horizon. Driftwood doesn't appear unless land is close by. 

So how does 'driftwood' appear real life? Well, for example, last year people started sending me their resumes and asking me for a job in my Apothecary. I was confused as to why this suddenly started happening because LOL, I couldn't even pay myself and I didn't (and still don't) have an Apothecary space. It felt like the Universe was teasing me or something. But then I realized it was basically a teaser trailer from the Universe and changed my perspective. And now I am at the point where I am doing well and and starting to think about hiring an assistant. The resumes and inquiries I was receiving were a preview of what was to come. And people still ask me where my Apothecary is, which tells me there is a space out there for me.

Another example is that suddenly last year people started calling me a Reiki Master, when I wasn't. I had been thinking about taking that next step for myself, but hadn't made any decision yet. And here people were calling me a Reiki Master out of nowhere. I decided to listen to the Universe, and this summer it came true. Sometimes people can see or pick up on the energies in your field, the truths and masteries of what you are already are and are calling in, but haven't consciously realized it just yet. And we need it reflected back to us to see it. 

Are you looking for love, to manifest a partner? Look for the couples around you, sharing the connection and affection you want to experience with someone. That's driftwood, showing you that love is possible, and it's all around you! Isn't that amazing? And doesn't that feel so much better than feeling like everyone is in love but you? The truth is, they are in love and you can be too. Perspective. 

Driftwood is receiving inquiries about something you've been thinking of creating, or are already working on. It's seeing those examples reflected in and embodied by other people, showing you that it is possible and you can do it too. We are the energies of what we want to attract, so if we are seeing/hearing it everywhere, it's because it is coming. Land is near. 

How is driftwood showing up in your life?

Another thing I feel is important to know about manifestation is why it takes so much time sometimes. When we decide to change our lives, and end/heal family and personal karma, know that it is often a herculean task that takes commitment and patience. It took us a lifetime to get us to where we are today, accumulating all those limiting beliefs and protections that are blocking us from what we want. A speeding train can change direction, but first it's got to slow waaaay down, stop, and then turn around. It takes something like 20 miles for a train to come to a full stop. Otherwise it would fly off the tracks and crash. Then, it has to start back up in the other direction, slowly, taking several more miles to get back up to full speed again. So when things feel like they are taking forever to happen, I like to look back and make a list of all the things I have been able to manifest and make happen so far, that got me to where I am right now. Doing so allows me to track my progress in real, quantifiable ways. And most of the time, it shows me that I'm doing better than I thought I was.

This month is a magic month. I love, love, love the rich possibilities and mysteries and opportunities for diving deep within ourselves the last three months of the year brings. Soon we will celebrate Samhain, the Witches' New Year, and Dia de los Muertos. This is the time of the year when the veil is at its thinnest. It's an absolutely electric time where we can span multiple worlds and realities at once, with ease. Our Ancestors are here, as always, and closer than ever now. I am so excited to be back at MINKA for Breathwork for the New Moon (an always powerfully uplifting experience) and a special ceremony/healing with Nicole Adriana Casanova at the Alchemist's Kitchen. I hope to see you this month at either of these, or one on one, or online! 

Upcoming Workshops & Events
Breathwork for the New Moon

Sunday, Oct. 7th
3:00pm | MINKA brooklyn

New moons are an auspicious time to clear out the energetic debris that us blocking us from creating and manifesting what we truly desire. Pranayama Breathwork is an incredibly powerful, effective self-healing practice that releases trauma, stored pain, emotional blocks, and stuck energy in the body. Breathwork is a fast and easy way to get clarity about a situation, release old programs and patterns, and restore your physical, emotional and spiritual body to a state of wholeness. 

Release what no longer serves you. Leave feeling renewed and refreshed. You will feel so much lighter! These circles are always a unique and powerful experience. All are welcome - join us!

Connecting with the Ancestors

Sunday, October 21st | Online
8:00pm EST
5:00pm PST

Our Ancestors are always around us, supporting and cheering us on. We don’t need to know them to be supported by them. But cultivating a relationship with them can be challenging if you don’t know where to start!

In this online workshop, I will share practical tips on how to research your Ancestry, no matter how little (or much) information you may have, as well as how to connect with them spiritually and energetically. I will talk about the science of Epigenetics and how that affects us today, and how to work with and heal the things we’ve inherited that no longer serve us. And I will take you on a shamanic journey to meet and connect with your Ancestors.

Join us!

<< $22 >>

Medicine Journey with the Ancestors
with Nicole Adriana Casanova

Wednesday, Oct. 24th
7:00pm | The Alchemist's Kitchen

This Ancestral Ceremony will be an offering of mythology & storytelling, astrology, songs, plant medicine, and shamanic journeying. We will drink mugwort tea to support our intuition and ancient knowledge while meditating with a communal altar. Sacred essences will be placed on energy centers and points along the body’s meridians to shift into a dreamlike state, so that we can journey deep within ourselves to meet our Ancestors.

You will also have the opportunity to craft your own medicinal herb bundle to take home to continue this work.  Please bring any images or ancestral offerings to place on the Altar before we begin.   Please do not consume alcohol or harsh substances within 48 hours of this ceremony. 

Work with me 1 : 1
Breathwork. Reiki. Intuitive Tarot Readings. 13th Octave LaHoChi. What resonates with you? Give yourself the gift of healing. The gift of release and self-care.  It's the most important investment you'll ever make.

No matter where you are, I am here to support you. Learn more.
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