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:: Enter the Lion's Gate ::

Happy Day, peeps! We've made it through the intense transformations of the Eclipses, Mercury Rx and Cancer season. I am personally thrilled to be on the other side of it, into heart-led, expansive Leo season. The Lion's Gate is one of the biggest days of the year and I cannot wait to bask in its otherworldly, galactic, divine vibes.

Here are some things I've been sitting with lately.

If your heart is breaking, why not let it? Hearts break to expand.
Many of you know that on Jan. 1st, I suffered the loss of a loved one. I spent the first few months of the year deep in grief. It really did feel like my chest was cracking open sometimes. But now that I've had several months to process and be with it, that mourning allowed me to explore and feel the very depths and edges of my heart. For all the pain it took to get there, it was very, very sweet. I am not the same... in the best way. My heart was kitsungi-ed, capable of holding more than I ever thought possible.

Ascension isn't about transcending the Earth, it's about transforming it.
When we talk about ascension, it's not about going "up" into the cosmos or whatever, or moving past the Earth in some way, or escaping the human experience. It's about ascending our consciousness. It's about creating heaven on Earth, through each of us who are divine channels. Earth is the school to which the Universe has come to experience itself, through each and every one of us, lifetimes upon lifetimes over. With each life we learn a little more, we heal a little more, we balance the scales of karma and fulfill our soul contracts. This can't be done in such a way anywhere else. With each life, each time we heal, Earth's vibration raises a little. And we know that when we ground, and find home within our own bodies, we are the most powerful and effective. As above, so below. 

Where does heaven on Earth already exist?
This question might be a tough one right now. Sometimes I have to look really, really hard. But it is there, in the bloom of a flower, in the purr of my cat, in a good meal, in the love and connection I feel with friends. Where awareness goes, energy flows.

I'm not here to fix the world, I'm here to create a new one.
The world needs healing, yes. Oh yes. But when something is destroyed, the pieces can't ever be put back together in the same way again. Destruction is one side of the coin; Creation is the other. So much is being dismantled right now. And many humans have a need to fix what breaks. To try to re-create what was, most times hoping for the better. But there is no going back. We only ever move forward, despite how it appears. When you cut yourself, the body heals itself by creating new skin. What was doesn't work. It's time to create something new. I'm not interested in a refurbished version of the old Earth. I'm interested in Nova Earth.

Anyway. Some food for thought. I know we have all been through so much this summer, and things are still settling. Maybe someday I will expand the thoughts from above (let me know which ones interest you!!). 

I am here if you need to have a session and below are my offerings for this month. Thanks for reading and being here with me. 

Upcoming Workshops & Events
The Roots of Our Practice:
Decolonizing Wellness & Spirituality
with Sunder Ashni and Baba Ifasanmi

Tuesday, August 6th
7:00pm | MINKA brooklyn

This offering is a learning lab and skill share to decolonize our language and practices in the healing and wellness arts. We will come together in the cooperative spirit of unity and love to consciously step out of old patterns, ways of thinking, being and operating that are not in alignment with who we truly are, or where we want to go. Though anti-racism and decolonization work can be heavy and seem daunting, our last offering was very sweet and people even had fun!⁠

Whether you practice professionally or personally, this workshop IS for you. All are welcome.⁣⁣

Breathwork for
the Full Moon

Saturday, August 17th
3:00pm | MINKA brooklyn

The breath is the bridge between our bodies and minds, our hearts and souls, transcending space and time. Learn a powerful, ancient practice that will change everything.

Breathwork is a powerful healing experience, and each circle is unique. Let's come together and heal and move through all that the eclipse season has unearthed. There is room for everyone and we are waiting for you. Join us. 

Flower Alchemy:
Learn how to make your own flower and stone essences

Sunday, August 18th
3:00pm | BreadxButta Botanica

In this workshop, we will learn how to intuitively work with stones, minerals and plants to create customized medicine for ourselves. We will explore the relationship between them and how they can be used together. We will strengthen our connection to our divine, inner knowledge and learn how to commune with the natural world (especially in NYC!). And, you will get to take home a mother essence we'll make in class!

<< $30 >>


In order to secure our current healing home for the next 10 years, we are unexpectedly required to provide a $12,000 deposit for a new lease after the last landlord left without returning our deposit.  Our new landlord has given us some time, yet we still must ask our beloved community for financial support.

With the mission of creating safer space for healing for all who choose to take on the brave journey of self-rediscovery, we at MINKA brooklyn – a cooperatively-run Healing Center in Flatbush founded by POC and an ally – have offered affordable, alternative health-care to our local community and beyond.  Our intention is to continue to provide these impactful community-oriented services for many years to come. Anything helps! Thank you!!
Save the Date:
13th Octave LaHoChi Certification

Sunday, Sept. 22nd
at MINKA brooklyn

This training and attunement will initiate you into the 13th Octave LaHoChi healing tradition, and enable you to practice as a practitioner. You will also receive an Angel Light Healing attunement to deepen the work. 

13th Octave LaHoChi is a powerful hands-on healing modality that brings in a very high frequency of light into one's physical and energetic bodies. La means Light and Love of God/Goddess/Spirit. Ho means Movement. Chi refers to Life Force. Hence, LaHoChi is the movement of light into the body at the speed of Love. The 13th Octave is a process of conscious union within the heart of God/Goddess; an awareness that is anchored deep within our hearts. This is an extremely powerful form of energy balancing and healing in which the body’s own natural healing abilities are activated and nurtured. This attunement will uplevel and enhance everything about your life, whether you plan to use this personally or professionally. Are you ready to join the next generation of energy and light workers?
<< Learn More >> 
Work with me 1 : 1
Breathwork. Reiki.
Intuitive Tarot Readings.
13th Octave LaHoChi.
Flower Essences. 
What resonates with you? Give yourself the gift of healing. The gift of release and self-care.  It's the most important investment you'll ever make.

No matter where you are, I am here to support you. Learn more.
What others are saying...

“I had worked with Jordan on a number of occasions before purchasing her month-long package. My previous experiences had already fostered trust and I knew her to be a gifted healer, but the degree of growth and healing I experienced in that on each month was astounding. Utilizing two individual sessions and a customized flower essence I was able to move through some blocks that I had been struggling with for years. Her patient, supportive, and trauma-informed methods gave me the support I needed to make big shifts. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking to create real and lasting change in themselves." - M.M.

"Working with Jordan was extremely monumental in my growth here in NYC. She is a true healer, capable of understanding the depths of both past and present emotional trauma. Her nonjudgmental approach to our sessions was incredibly comforting and tailored to my individual needs. The reiki and breathwork were significant in releasing old, unwanted beliefs about myself. I could feel strong shifts in my body and mind during and after every time we met. Her flower essences are also very powerful and played a great role in my healing process. I highly recommend working with Jordan both short and long term. I'm grateful for our work together and to have such a wonderful person in my life." - E.T.

“After just one consultation with Jordan, I felt an immediate sense of relief, as well as a renewed sense of purpose. I was struggling to address some underlying issues that were interfering with my ability to move forward in my creative process. With utmost grace, she holds a safe space for dreamers to reflect on the obstacles that prevent them from stepping up to the plate so that their highest expression can be made manifest. She also provides practical tools and resources to ground your visions so that they are not lost floating in the ethers. I was most impressed by her response to my questions pertaining to social justice, equality, inclusivity, and being of service to others while creating a healing based business. She is the real deal. Do yourself a favor and experience some of her magic and wisdom. ” - M.P.
Like my work? If you've had a session with me or experienced medicine from my Apothecary, write me a review and I'll send you a 15% discount code to use on your next session or order.

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