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                                       Welcome back! 

Spring has arrived and the restrictions we have all been living with since last December are gradually being lifted. I am now able to give facials and craniosacral therapy treatments again and it is great to be back!
In this newsletter there is news about gift vouchers and an invitation for those with long covid. It is ‘mental health awareness’ week in the UK and this has inspired the theme of my blog this time on ‘flow’.
The pandemic continues and we are all taking care in our day to day lives to minimise the risk of transmission.These are the the hygiene measures I am taking to help protect you...

                                             Gift Vouchers
If you received a gift voucher but were unable to redeem it last year don't worry as I will honour all gift vouchers that expired in 2020. Simply contact me or pass this message on to anyone you know who has a voucher and may not be on my mailing list.
It is always enjoyable for me to do treatments that have been given as a gift as I know that these have been gifted by someone who has enjoyed a treatment with me and wants others to share the experience. However, the lockdowns of 2020-21 meant many people who received gift vouchers had to wait until restrictions were eased; in some cases six months or more before they could redeem them. I don't feel this is fair on either the person giving or receiving the voucher as these are treatments that have been paid for in advance and then were not able to be redeemed. I truly hope we will not return to a situation where restrictions are reinstated and I am not allowed to carry out treatments, but as a precautionary measure I will no longer be selling gift vouchers.

You are still most welcome to purchase a treatment as a gift for a friend and the best way to do this is;
  1. Contact me with the name of the person who will be receiving your kind gift.
  2. Tell your friend you are treating them and give them my contact details. 
  3. Your friend makes an appointment and receives their treatment – they will know it is a gift and I will not charge them.
  4. When your friend has had their treatment, I will contact you by phone at a time that is convenient for you and take the payment by card.
Contact Me
Do you or a friend or family member have long COVID? Would you/they be interested in trying craniosacral therapy to try to help relieve some of the symptoms? I am carrying out a small study into CST and long COVID and I am looking for people who are well enough to come to my treatment room. If you are interested or know anyone who might be, please contact me for more information about what is involved.
 I will always try to respond to emails within 24 hours, however I have been told that sometimes my messages are diverted to the spam folder! Please feel free to send me a text or give me a call if you are having trouble contacting me by email.

As you know, I send an appointment reminder the day before a treatment. Please don't be offended by this, it prevents me from double booking clients by mistake.


The Government’s restrictions on our daily activities over the past year have 
been incredibly challenging for everyone. We had to learn how to live with the loss of our normal routine and had very limited interaction with other people. Suddenly most of our time was taken up with focusing on ways to stay healthy not only physically but mentally. If mental health was something we didn’t give much thought to before, being in lockdown will certainly have changed that. 
The life changes and uncertainty caused by the pandemic were perfect fuel for anxious thoughts, and many of us found ourselves looking for ways to give our mind a rest from over thinking..........
I hope you enjoy the spring. Until next time, Dawn.
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