June 2020

June Newsletter

Hello, it is now June the month of strawberries, the summer solstice and hopefully, the end of being housebound. You have all been in my thoughts over the past weeks, I hope you have been keeping well and managed the ‘lockdown’ resourcefully. 
 I am pleased to say I will be able to do treatments again soon. Hooray! However, as we make steps towards a new normal I have had to make changes to the way I work to ensure I am practising in the safest way possible. These changes will affect everyone who comes to me for treatments so please click below to read this important information.
Please Read This Important Information
             Facial Treatments                 
I am very sorry to say that when I start back on the 4th I will not be offering facial treatments. This has been my profession for the last 35 years and the way I earn my living so no one regrets this more than I. I will be reviewing this on a regular basis and will of course keep you updated. The good news is I can offer facial clients an alternative relaxing treatment. As you know I do a back and foot massage during my facials and I am offering a slightly longer version, back and foot massage combo with aromatherapy oil. This will be a 45 minute treatment and cost £40. I hope you will find this a relaxing and enjoyable alternative. 
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 Craniosacral Therapy

I am very happy to say I will be able to resume doing CST. If you have benefitted from a cranio session you will know that it is helpful in recovery from illness and for balancing the nervous system. Whilst cranio might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I do feel so many people could benefit from it right now. With this in mind I am now offering a low - cost clinic twice a month on a Wednesday and Saturday. This is for clients who would like to continue with their cst sessions but whose work or circumstances have been affected by C-19 making it difficult for them to afford the full cost of a treatment. I will not ask for proof, but am appealing to those who can afford to pay the full price not to take up a low cost treatment which could be used by someone who will genuinely struggle to meet the full cost. The Low cost clinic dates in July are the 11th and 22nd and future dates will be posted on my website.

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                        DIY Hand Treatment

The result of all this handwashing is very dry skin!
We have all become very good at improvising and making do with what we have during ‘ lockdown’ so with that in mind here is a DIY hand treatment.
Please do not do this if you have broken skin, cuts, grazes, weepy eczema or psoarisis on your hands.
1 If you have a face or body exfoliator, wet your skin and massage it into the backs of your hands and fingers. If you do not have an exfoliator you can use granulated sugar, most sugar except caster sugar will work. Dissolve two tablespoons of sugar in 1 to 2 tablespoons of warm water, so it is dissolving slightly but you should still be able to see the granules. Massage this into your hands over the sink and then leave it on your skin for a 2 - 3 minutes.
2 Rinse off the sugar or exfoliator and dry your hands. Massage hand, body lotion or face moisturiser if you can spare it into your hands. If you have none of these available cooking oil like sunflower oil will work well. Olive oil is a bit heavy but okay too. If you want to go a step further you can put some plastic bags on your hands and wrap them in warm towels for 5 minutes to help the skin absorb the oil/cream.
If this all feels like too much trouble I recommend the Herbfarmacy Rosemary Body Polish. I tend not to recommend it for the body as it is in an oily base which can be dangerous if you use it in the shower but it works brilliantly on dry hands exfoliating and moisturising at the same time.
Herbfarmacy Website
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                                 Keep well and see you soon!
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