Ealing residents- have your voice be heard!

As part of the newly formed clinical health and neuropsychology service in Ealing, Dr Clare Humphries and her team are hosting a series of coproduction sessions in collaboration with their colleagues from the psychological therapy service, IAPT.

The aim of the sessions is to enable residents in Ealing with lived experience of long-term health conditions (LTCs) and their support system (charities, faith organisations, GPs, and community health care professionals etc) to come together to share their stories and think about how to create better support as a community.

The first session is scheduled on 10 Dec 2021, 12:30-2:30pm over Zoom. Participants with lived experience will be compensated for their time at £10 per hour.

As we are an organisation that provides support to people with long-term conditions, we have been asked to help spread the word about this event so that we can get a representative group to co-design better support for those with LTCs.

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