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December Newsletter



Every month, one of our colleagues will be put under this Spotlight for us to get to know them a little better. You might be surprised at some of the things featured here..
Noor Athirah Mohd Zain
Trah, Mekrah (In Kelantan, Mek is used to call young girl), Trex  

City of Residence:
Kuala Lumpur

Start date and current position with Stampede: 
October 2017, Analyst L1, Support 

What I like best about working for Stampede: 
My colleagues especially Rochell, Azwin and Raymond. Saranghae!!! 

Favourite place to live: 
Any places where I can go hiking, enjoy the nature and have a nap in a hammock while pretending to read a book and listen to some good music, with calming waterfall sound as a background.

Motto or Personal Mantra:
All is well, relax... 

I am happiest when:
I'm with my favourite person and if I have enough rest and sleep. 

What I fear most:
Shameless roaches! 

I’m proudest of:
My medals. 

Favourite Sports or pastimes:

Cup Song

3 Idiots

Kisah Nabi

Best Vacation:
None, I don't really enjoy vacation. Will try to create that "best vacation" by next year onwards. 
Favorite Vehicle:

None, I don't drive or ride because I don't want to risk my life. 

The Top 3 Highlights of my Life:
1.Working in Stampede. 
2. When I received my SPM result. 
3. I don't know what else, maybe can ask again after I get married. haha
People would be surprised to know:
That I refuse to drive because it's too risky and I'm scared and I can easily get panic attack if I drive. 

If I could do it all over again, I would: 
Further my study. 

Before I die, I would love to: 
Conquer Everest or at least Annapurna Base Camp. 

What I wish to get for this year’s Xmas Gift exchange:  

Happening in the Office

WARNING! Sweet Stuff below.

Our beloved beautiful HR has gotten married, but if you're still trying, you can. Apparently, the bridesmaids are not all taken yet. *Wink

Congratulation! Mrs. Chew.

Christmas Gift Exchange

Did you get what you wrote in the wish list? I hope you do. 
As for those who didn't wear red that day, you can watch them sing and dance here :)

Does Your Back Still Hurt?

We had a beautiful chiropractor in the office to offer some health tips and 1-to1 spine screening sessions. Most of you are very excited during the stretching exercise.....


Gag Reel

Happy Work Anniversary!

  1 December  

Happy 4th-year Anniversary Bukhari!
Thanks for working hard to make sure our SMS services are always up and running. Hopeful for more of you in our upcoming years.

  3 December  

Happy 1st-year Anniversary Mirlan!
Congratulations on your 1st year work anniversary! You’ve accomplished a lot in 2018, and we can’t wait to see what you will be coding next!

  17 December  

Happy 1st-year Anniversary Dean!
Congratulations on your 1st year work anniversary! You’ve accomplished a lot in the past year, and we can’t wait to see what products and new experiences you can come up with to delight our customers :) 

Coming Birthdays!
January Babies  
Woah, we have 9 Stampedians celebrating their birthday in the upcoming month!  
Take note of these Stampedians and make them feel special ok?
1 January - Adeel Ahmad
9 January - Yesica
15 January - Pooi Lum
22 January - Ng Yun Sung
 January - Azwin
 January - Dean
 January - Jake
 January - Hakim
 January -  Pui Shan

Why Sex Is So Damn Good?

Design for all 5 Senses

Jinsop Lee is here at TED to ask a very important question: Why is sex so damn good? The audience laughs, but the playful designer is making a serious point. Great sex, and great design, is about the five senses and how and when we use them.

Lee tells us the story of a university challenge to create a clock. Lee’s design involved a sunflower that turned toward the sun; his friend Chris Hosmer‘s comprised five magnifying glasses with a shot glass of scented oil under each one. During the course of the day, five different scents would disperse to let people know the time of day just by smell. “I thought my idea was pretty good; his idea is genius,” says Lee.

Years later, a friend of Lee’s suggested to him that maybe sex is so damn good because of the five senses. Hm! he thought. He decided to start documenting the impact of various experiences on the five senses. He took a motorcycle ride around Seoul, video of which he plays to us now, and charted the quality of sights (5), sounds (5), smells (3) and tastes (0). Later, he extended this still-unscientific experiment to gather data from his friends and students, charting the impact of activities such as eating instant noodles (note the sound of slurping) or clubbing (and the unexpected pleasures of kissing).


The only perfect experience? Great sex.

As he was doing the research, Lee thought back to his friend’s clock, which integrates the sense of smell into telling the time. And it showed him what is missing from so much contemporary product design. “Designers only use design to make things look very pretty;  sometimes they use touch,” he says. “We’ve ignored the other three senses. What if we started using five senses in our designs?” He shows three of his ideas: An iron that adds scented spray to make clothes smell fresh and to improve the drudgery of ironing. A toothbrush tastes like candy; when it doesn’t, it means it’s time to buy a new brush. Or, his final concept: “I don’t play the flute or the clarinet but I love the feel of pressing the keys. I decided to combine these keys with an instrument I do play, the television remote control,” he says.

remote control

The five senses aren’t everything, Lee acknowledges. There are also emotions and the all-elusive X-factor. But it’s a useful framework for designers to consider when trying to create products and experiences that can endure. Could the TED audience use a bit more taste and smell? Lee wonders. With that, bends down and grabs a bucket — and throws handfuls of candy into the audience before scampering offstage.

Watch the Amazing TEDTalk here:


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