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September Newsletter



Every month, one of our colleagues will be put under this Spotlight for us to get to know them a little better. You might be surprised at some of the things featured here..


Napapen Yuvaratanapun

City of Residence:

Inhabitants at my residence:
3 persons- father, brother, and I

Start date and current position with Stampede: 

19 June 2017 , Accounts and Admin Executive

What I like best about working for Stampede: 
More opportunities

Favorite place to live: 

Thai music


I'm not fond of reading

Best Vacation:
Favorite Vehicle:


The Top 3 Highlights of my Life:
1.     My family
2.     Own a house
3.    Trip to Switzerland and Italy
People would be surprised to know:
1.     My age : P
2.     I can do housework
3.     I'm single

If I could do it all over again, I would: 
 started to plan some investment since I graduated

Before I die, I would love to: 
travel around the world with my family

What I wish to get for this year’s Xmas Gift exchange: 
Rolex watch

New Family

Chan Wai Mun
Engineer - L3, Software Development

My favorite hobby
cooking and origami

I look up to
everyone who share a great life stories like NasDaily.

  A funny and/or embarrassing memory of me is…
being drunk and puked at the bar.

  I’m afraid of

 I am the way I am because…

Muhammad Iqbal Hifzan 
Intern, Voice

My favorite hobby
watching movies and tv shows.

I look up to
James Cameron.

  A funny and/or embarrassing memory of me is…
when my teacher caught me in a class sleeping and drooling all over the table.

  I’m afraid of

 I am the way I am because…
of how I was brought up by my family. Everything good comes from my parents and I am grateful to them. 

Max Chew
Engineer - L3, Software Development

My favorite hobby is…
eating popcorn, drink coke and watch movie.

 I look up to…
everyone who can share their personal stories to me.

A funny and/or embarrassing memory of me is…
when I first confessed to my puppy love.

I’m afraid of…

I am the way I am because…
GOD gave me my everything.


Pooi Lum
Senior Business Analyst

My favorite hobby is…
Rock Climbing

 I look up to…

people that are honest and truthful.

A funny and/or embarrassing memory of me is…
when my shoe's sole spoiled on the first day of work.

I’m afraid of…

I am the way I am because…

because life is short.

Sandy Song
Associate, Project Delivery

My favorite hobby is…
stalking my idol! Just kidding, I meant, playing the piano!

 I look up to…

Jay Chou! He has been a very inspiring image to me in working hard and succeeding in life. 

A funny and/or embarrassing memory of me is…
I once saw a mosquito with legs of black and white fragments in the car when I was heading home from tuition and I got a mosquito bite from the ride. It was during the year where dengue rose to peak and I thought I was going to die so I went home and locked myself in the bathroom crying, screaming I was dying and refusing to leave for dinner. So apparently… I did not die…

I’m afraid of…
real ghosts because I have witnessed too many paranormal activities in my high school life. 

I am the way I am because…

That’s what makes me, me! 

Charlotte Tan
Intern, Finance

My favorite hobby is…
playing lots of sports. 

 I look up to…
my parents and family who have been the pillars of my 22-year life.

A funny and/or embarrassing memory of me is…
being really excited to hold a puppy, but it ended up peeing on me. 

I’m afraid of…
failing in something that I have put in my very best effort. 

I am the way I am because…
I am unique :p

Happenings In The Office!

 Birthday celebration and Towhhall

First of all, we wish a warm welcome to the new joiners Max, Wai Mun, Pooi Lum, and Sandy and the interns Charlotte and Iqbal. Welcome to Stampede!  We also celebrated the birthdays of Bukhari, Syidah, Suvi, Cass, Moses, Eka, Jannah!

May you be gifted with life’s biggest joys and never-ending bliss. 

15th MECA Industrial Relations Convention

Jenny attended the IR conference and workshop.  The convention has brought the top HR and Legal experts in Malaysia to deliver a series of engaging and informative topics. 

Baby is arriving soon

Congratulations Azreen! 
Your home will soon be filled with toys and will never be quiet again. Your house will often be a mess and you’ll frequently be tired. But there will always be love and laughter. Wishing you a smooth and safe delivery and many happy memories.


Gag Reel

Happy Work Anniversary!

  2 September  

Happy 11th years Anniversary Mahen!
It’s your 11th year anniversary! Thanks for being part of our family for more than a decade. It’s hard to imagine this place without you.


  7 September

Happy 4th year Anniversary Jin Siang!
Congratulations on your 4-year work anniversary! You’ve accomplished a lot in the past years, and we can’t wait to see what you do in the future.


  19 September  

Happy 3 years Anniversary Jenny!
Congratulations on your anniversary! Thanks for everything you do around here. This place wouldn't be the same without you.

  5 Sept   

Happy 2nd year Anniversary Saidy!
Happy anniversary to an employee who has made invaluable contributions to this company. Now get back to work!

  3 September  

Happy 1st year Anniversary Shriyle!
Hey friend, happy work anniversary! It’s great having you around in the company, and we feel like we didn’t tell you that enough. Here’s to more years of partnership together!

October Babies  
Special day, special person and special celebration. May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year. Happy birthday.
2 October - Raymond
20 Oct - Kris
22 Oct - Max
26 Oct - Catreen
28 Oct - Rochelle
29 Oct - Jin Siang

Article Contribution

The Future Of Work: 5 Important Ways Jobs Will Change In The 4th Industrial Revolution

In many respects, the future of work is already here. Amid the headlines exclaiming the predicted loss of jobs due to automation and other changes brought by artificial intelligence (AI)machine learning and autonomous systems, it’s clear that the way we work and live is transforming. This evolution can be unnerving. Since we know change is inevitable, let’s look at how work will likely change and some ideas for how to prepare for it.
5 Ways Work Will Change in the Future
At least 30% of the activities associated with the majority of occupations in the United States could be automated, which includes even knowledge tasks that were previously thought to be safe according to a McKinsey Global Institute report. This echoes what executives see as well and prompted Rick Jensen, Chief Talent Officer at Intuit to say, “The workforce is changing massively.” Here are just a few of the ways:

1. Fluid gigs
Within an organization, positions will be more fluid, and a strict organizational chart will likely be tossed in favor of more project-based teams. This is especially appealing to Generation Z employees since 75% of Generation Z employees would be interested in having multiple roles in one place of employment. The “gig” economy will continue to expand where professionals sign on as contractors or freelancers and then move on to the next gig.

2. Decentralized workforces
Thanks to mobile technology and readily available internet access, remote workers are already common. Employees won’t need to be in the same location. This will make it easier for the next generation workers to choose to live anywhere, rather than find a job and then move to a city with that job.

3. Motivation to work
People will need something more than a paycheck as a motivation to work. Many want to work for an organization with a mission and purpose they believe in. They will also want different incentives such as personal development opportunities, the latest tech gadgets to facilitate their work-from-anywhere ambitions, and more.

4. Lifelong learning
Not only will employees want to learn throughout their career, but they will also need to learn new skills. Technology will continue to evolve the role humans play in the workforce, so everyone will be required to adapt their skills throughout their working lives.

5. Technology will augment human’s jobs
Artificial intelligence algorithms and intelligent machines will be co-workers to humans. The human workforce will need to develop a level of comfort and acceptance for how man and machine can collaborate using the best that both bring to the workplace.

How to Prepare for the Future of Work
Even though we can’t predict all the changes that will occur in the future, we do have a fair amount of certainty that there are some things people can do to prepare for it.
Rather than succumb to the doomsday predictions that “robots will take over all the jobs,” a more optimistic outlook is one where humans get the opportunity to do work that demands their creativity, imagination, social and emotional intelligence, and passion.
Individuals will need to act and engage in lifelong learning, so they are adaptable when the changes happen. The lifespan for any given skill set is shrinking, so it will be imperative for individuals to continue to invest in acquiring new skills. The shift to lifelong learning needs to happen now because the changes are already happening.
In addition, employees will need to shape their own career path. Gone are the days when a career trajectory is outlined at one company with predictable climbs up the corporate ladder. Therefore, employees should pursue a diverse set of work experiences and take the initiative to shape their own career paths.
Individuals will need to step into the opportunity that pursuing your passion provides rather than shrink back to what had resulted in success in the past. This shift in work opens the possibility to achieve more of our potential. We need to begin to think of work as more than a paycheck.
Employers need to think differently about how they recruit and hire new employees. Companies need to review a prospective employee’s potential and assess skills that are less likely to be automated any time soon, including emotional intelligence, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.
Another way employers will need to adjust operations is to create a structure and culture that honors lifelong learning, and that celebrates creativity. It's time for employers to assess their benefit and incentive programs to ensure they are providing the motivation the next generation of employees will want in order to attract the best talent.
While nothing is certain, it's important for every human to begin taking steps in the direction to prepare for a future where machines become colleagues. If we don't begin to adapt to the changes today, it will be challenging to catch up later.


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