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Redistricting - why should you care?

Yamhill County has a chance to provide feedback about redrawing House Districts on March 20th in the morningYamhill County Democrats are hosting an explainer this Saturday at 9am Please attend and submit testimony -- this is our only opportunity for the next decade to get this right.

So why should you care? 

House Districts define which voters get to vote for which elected State Representatives.  The number of Representatives and Senators is fixed, so, as population grows, the size of the House Districts (and by definition the Senate Districts which each encompass 2 House Districts) grows as well.  In 2011, the last time districts were redrawn, each HD was 63,800.  This year they will grow to be 71,000.   It is estimated that HD10 will have to expand to add voters, and HD23, 24, and25 will all have to shrink slightly to shed voters in order to maintain an even 71,000~ voters within boundaries:  the current borders will have to change.  How they are redrawn impacts how accessible our state representatives are, and how much they can help provide leverage in legislative decisions.

Several Yamhill County residents provided testimony in this week's hearing, including YCD Chair Omar Sandoval, Yamhill County Treasurer (and past HD-23 candidate) Kris Bledsoe, and County Commissioner Berschaur.  You can see their testimony here. and you can read submitted testimony as well.  Commissioner Berschauer and allies repeated a common message, a request for a non-partisan board.

More information here:
Email your thoughts to:
Sign up to testify 'in person' here: Online Survey Software | Qualtrics Survey Solutions

Here are the criteria by which districts are meant to be drawn, by state law.  Some of these criteria were not applied in the current district boundaries, such as the division of Newberg-Dundee school district into two separate House Districts, the separation of McMinnville, Sheridan and Willamina into two different House Districts, and placement of Sheridan (but not Willamina) in HD10, an otherwise coastal district.  It is also abundantly clear that House District 23 was drawn in such a way as might violate #2 below, clearly avoiding any communities  
The Legislative Assembly or the Secretary of State, whichever is applicable, shall consider the following criteria when apportioning the state into congressional and legislative districts:
(1) Each district, as nearly as practicable, shall:
(a) Be contiguous;
(b) Be of equal population;
(c) Utilize existing geographic or political boundaries;
(d) Not divide communities of common interest; and
(e) Be connected by transportation links.
(2) No district shall be drawn for the purpose of favoring any political party, incumbent legislator or other person.
(3) No district shall be drawn for the purpose of diluting the voting strength of any language or ethnic minority group.
(4) Two state House of Representative districts shall be wholly included within a single state senatorial district. [1979 c.667 §1; 1981 c.864 §2].

What [else] we talked about this week...

  • With the passage of the American Rescue Act, Yamhill County and cities will receive tens of millions in federal aid.  Yamhill County alone will receive about $20 Million, Cities will receive funding based on population (actual numbers may vary slightly, but McMinnville is expected to receive about $7 million, Newberg about $5 million, Sheridan about $1.3 million, etc).  These funds have very few restrictions and can be used for infrastructure, some salaries, investments, or relief funds for the community. There is no deadline to spend the money.  Now is the time to contact local elected leaders to help them make decisions about how to spend the money. Yamhill County families with children will receive about $40 million in cash payments as part of the expanded Child Tax Credit, essentially creating a 6 month (July-Dec) experiment in Universal Basic Income.
  • Yamhill County Commissioners spent another hour of meeting time discussing the Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance Commissioner Berschauer has proposed, reaching no further resolution.  During the conversation, Commissioner Starrett referred to Yamhill County Sheriff Svenson as a "good guy", as opposed to Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese, who she has previously called a "bad guy".  The conversation primarily revolved around whether the county has the authority to tell the Sheriff and the DA, who take their authority from the State, not from the County Commissioners, what to do with their discretion when it comes to enforcing gun laws.  County staff will finalize another update to the ordinance to be discussed again next week. 
  • This Thursday, March 18th, is the deadline to file as a candidate in the local elections for School Board and Rural Fire District Boards for the May election.  Get your paperwork in! 
Upcoming Events

Progressive Yamhill maintains a community calendar of progressive events - sign up to 'follow' it on Google!

Know of an upcoming event we should share?  Email the details to!

Redistricting Explainer
Hosted by FuturePAC Executive Director Hannah Love, and HD-10 Representative David Gomberg
Saturday, March 13, 10am
Meeting Registration - Zoom

Breonna Taylor Vigil
River St & Highway 99, Newberg
Candidate Training:  Fundraising
Saturday, March 13 7:00-9:00 pm
Meeting Registration - Zoom

Deadline to file candidacy for May Election
Thursday, March 18, 5pm

Yamhill County CD1/Redistricting Hearing 2
Saturday, March 20th   9:00 am
Online event:
Testimony can be given virtually 'in person' (sign up here) or via email 
YCD March Central Committee Meeting
Thursday, March 25   7:00-9:00 pm
Meeting Registration - Zoom

Congresswoman Bonamici Telephone Town Hall
Tuesday, March 30th  6:00 p.m.
Go to to sign up to participate.

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