Felt calm, will never delete.

Morning, friends!

Today in life updates, I'll share that in the past couple weeks I've picked back up with a practice of morning pages, which is really a form of meditation, rather than creation. 

I didn't always realize this, and in fact have an entry dated December 21, 2014 that begins, "I was doing morning pages wrong in Guatemala." That was the time when I was on a yoga/writing retreat with Gracy Obuchowicz and Ann Friedman (and several other lovely ladies) and I spent many mornings trying to compose actual pieces of prose, rather than dumping crap from my skull onto paper as a form of complete release. I am sure the proper practice was communicated to me, but indeed I likely ignored it.

Julia Cameron popularized the practice of writing morning pages, and she's a big believer that the closer you accomplish this task to the moment you wake up, the better off you'll be. But, some mornings that is easier said than done.
This is a disgusting parallel but I am going to use it anyway: have you ever used a tongue scraper? My god, it is so satisfying, I do it every day. But it's really best used straight away when you wake up, before you even drink a glass of water. You get maximum gunk that way, and for me it's a great way to know if what I ate or did the night before cooperated with my body (drinking too much alcohol = more gunk; well-hydrated with lots of sleep = barely any gunk.) Morning pages are like that, too.

But then sometimes it goes like this: I wake up, pull out Instagram, and get sucked into taking selfies because I'm really feeling myself or maybe I'm not feeling myself. But something in me requires validation in order to walk to work with some extra pep in my step, and meanwhile those morning pages aren't going to get done until 9 or 10am if at all. I got my validation fix but by then, well, let's just say we never know what happens to the gunk we didn't scrape. It certainly doesn't go away on its own. Rather than clearing some space, I've started my day with additional clutter. (This is not to say all social media is clutter and is definitely not an attack on selfie-taking, but just that those precious morning hours are important for me.)

On Monday morning, I caught myself in the act. I woke up, knew I had the day off, embraced the leisurely pace at which I could breeze through my morning, snapping a photo for my Instagram before my pages were done. Ten seconds later, I looked down and thought—nope. So I deleted my 'gram. Felt cute, but deleted. What connection was I trying to get from this, is what I asked myself, and then I let loose on the pages. So if it means that my pages are just me talking about how I'm not sure if I should get my lip waxed or embrace the inevitability of nature, so be it. (Still open to thoughts on this, though, ladies. Hit me up.)

It's a process, and I'm imperfect at it. But the pay-off feels immediate just like with the tongue scraper. It's less words getting in the way—and maybe that leaves space for something unexpected.

Vowing to never use the word "gunk" in this newsletter again,

Try this at home ✍

Well....WELL. Have you tried a practice of morning pages? Start small and do it for 5 minutes this week. That's it. If the prospect of a notebook feels too heavy, it can even be just a quick email to yourself as you sit up in bed, I'll allow that.

If you aren't sold, read this and then try it. 

Quote of the Week

"We all have constraints in our lives. The limitations just determine the size of the canvas you have to work with. What you paint on it is up to you."

Cool perspective on the creative genius of Dr. Seuss

Tunes 🎶

The playlist has a refresh. Listen to it as you get up in the morning and get that writing hand moving.
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