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It's Election Day. And there is a great deal of consequence to this election for Americans and perhaps the world — as there always is. You may feel anxious today, and that is OK. That shows what is on the line.

First, I want to personally thank and virtually hug every single person out there who has worked to get out the vote and protect our right to participate in our democracy. It makes me a bit weepy now. You have provided such an important service in ensuring everyone's voice is heard.

Tonight's yoga offering is available for all who need a reset for their nervous system. Please take advantage (after you have voted!). I know how hard it is to make yourself do the practice at home particularly as the world is so distracting but doing it together I swear really helps! This practice will help you tap into a higher state of consciousness, and the universal. The crown chakra is symbolized with the color purple. It reminds us of our ability to unite. Info is below for tonight's class.

~ Virtual Yoga: Crown Chakra Flow Class Tonight ~

Tonight's yoga offering is focused on the crown chakra. 

TONIGHT - Tuesday, 7pm ET on Zoom:
Join for yoga at this link:
Passcode: 316377

If you haven't been to any of these, that's OK, you can still join!
You can get a taste for my style on my Youtube channel which has free class offerings.

Suggested donation is $10/class. Pay what you can!
Venmo: @kelly-barrett or Paypal:
~ This week's Crown Chakra Playlist ~


Wherever you are mentally right now, I urge you to sink into your bones a sense of trust. Trust that the vast majority of people around you on a given day are like-hearted (I was introduced to this word by Dora Kamau and it really hit home). We believe in looking out for our friends and family and community, living a good life with honesty and integrity. We have all faced traumas and heartbreak and pain, as well as pleasure and profound moments of clarity. Many of us, despite praying to different gods and holding different religious or spiritual views, have some yearning for a sense of purpose in our lives. Before we pass on from this life, we want to have known there was a point to it all. This is ancient wisdom, but it wears different clothes now.

The issues themselves can make us divisive, but that divisiveness is perhaps the fire that stokes our democracy. When we see values that are not representative of our values being mega-phoned to the masses, that is a wake-up call. We build this thing as we go and it is with the help of polarities that we are able to self-correct and find equilibrium. As you walk around in your community, please take heart in the notion that no matter what sign is on someone's lawn, if you sat down and had coffee together, you'd probably end up learning you'd both lost a loved one, you'd both been screwed over before, you'd both felt lonely and left behind. I've met the assumed "opposition," stayed in their homes, had meals with them, and found this to be true: our conversations did not change our hearts, which as it turned out were often in the same place — but they did change our minds. We each walked away having learned something new. We both walked away feeling perhaps like there was not as much to fear as we had feared before. We may vote differently, but we are all just skin and bones walking around trying to do our best in this human experience. 

One person, flawed and imperfect like us all, will win this election and become president. And no matter who that is, we still have to keep fighting for what we believe is right. We still have to be kind. We still must live by our values. We will still, by and large, be a society that is like-hearted and agrees roughly on most of the issues, even the divisive ones. Neither outcome is a ticket to check out or grow closed-off or complacent. Both are an invitation to keep pushing, growing to understand one another better.

This morning I watched the sun rise over the Cascade Mountains, a watercolor dream view, and felt the weight and the opportunity of this moment. And tomorrow, the sun will rise again.

Love you guys,


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