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Bright greetings from my hearth in Santa Fe to yours, beloved ones! We have crossed Winter’s threshold and I find myself relishing in this holy dark time of renewal and cleansing. For me, this new year’s pulse seems to be pulling me forward a little faster than years past. I have to remind myself to ground back into my breath and allow the healing cloak of winter to settle me before racing off!

In this radiant energy of the new season, I want to share with my community near and far that I am now six months pregnant! I awaken each day in awe of this life growing inside me. This small but mighty star sprout is dancing with fierce vitality, gifting me with creativity, vision and hope for the future.

And it is with profound joy that I announce another impending birth, the manifestation of a vision which has formed over several years and is now ready to flower. I introduce to you to a global web of connection through the waterways around our Mother Earth. This is the harvest of seven years of work with women’s song circles and aspires to serve as a vessel for women in various locations to join in a web of community united in the passion to serve our sacred Waters through song and embodied prayer.

SINGING WATERS is the home for several interrelated programs including the Song Carriers Women’s Circle, the Song Carrier Nine-Month Apprenticeship, the Basket of Seeds Grandmother’s Alliance as well as seasonal community ceremonies and regular events furthering the empowerment of the woman’s voice on behalf of all Life.


SINGING WATERS is a major component of a newly emerging non-profit organization called PRAISING EARTH co-conceived and co-founded by my husband, poet Timothy P. McLaughlin, and me. PRAISING EARTH will serve as a center committed to revitalizing and even reimagining essential ancient traditions: oral song & poetry, circles for women & men, earthly dance and ritual. All this work of embodied prayer is meant to facilitate the human effort to listen for and follow the best ways we can expand into true stewardship of a re-balanced and newly-flowering total ecology. We will officially launch this exciting new organization with a special event on the Spring Equinox this year! For Timothy and me and children, our collective cup is certainly overflowing!


I wholeheartedly invite you to visit the new SINGING WATERS website and to participate in the many exciting offerings. The Winter/Spring season of the Song Carriers Women’s Circle begins January 12th this year (a bit early due to my baby’s expected arrival in April). I am very inspired to gather again with the women and am charged with the rising of humanity’s consciousness as we ride the waves of a new-shaping Earth and am sensing songs for the seeds, for clean waters and much needed rains, and for celebrating Spring’s birth. You can now sign up through an online registration program. 


And, beautiful beings of the Sacred Masculine, I feel it is just as crucial that the men gather in new consciousness. To that end, please consider joining Timothy’s new circle, Pulse of the Sacred: Poetry, Prayer, and Drumming for Men, a monthly gathering beginning January 19th. I have been witness to Timothy’s powerful journey of devotion to the wild places, watched him dive into the dark depths of male initiation, and seen him fervently answer his heart’s calling to poetry through constant deep dialogue with nature. I also know him to be a master teacher as he has guided so many in awakening their voice through poetry and sacred speech. He is ready to gather brothers in a special way and it feels so timely for our beloved men to step forward. To register, contact:


May your dreams and intentions for the highest good and beauty come to fruition in a powerful way this year. Now is a potent time to plant those hopes in the garden of the cosmos and commit yourself to tending the seedlings through the turns of the year. I look forward to sharing all the developments of SINGING WATERS and PRAISING EARTH in the months ahead. And with the grace and support of the Holy Beings, I look forward to announcing the name of our new child this Spring.


All my love and sincerest wishes of wellness,

Madi Sato 

Water Wisdom~Women's Circles~Medicine Songs~Grandmother's Alliance


…the women wept into the Rivers all the bold yearning and beautiful grief and wild vitality of the cosmos, making them a SINGING WATERS

-THE RIVER WISE, Timothy P. McLaughlin

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