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The Truth matters: analyzing the facts beneath the "mass burials" at residential schools

In 2021, the world heard that the graves of 215 Indigenous children had been found on the grounds of the Kamloops Indian Residential School. Two years later and we still don't know if these are actual graves.

Christian fantasy after Tolkien: a Top 10

If your kids have already worked their way through Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lewis’s Narnia, then here's what's next...

The long road to
Christian broadcasting in Canada

For decades – and in the name of "balance" – Canada's CRTC ruled against Christian TV and radio stations, even as they approved a Playboy channel.

Free film: Final Solution

This is the true story of a church-going, Mein Kampf-reading, young man who was taught from the pulpit that white South Africans were God's new chosen people. And then God uses a girl, and a black pastor, to break him down completely.

Tim Challies on our changing dictionaries

What does "woke" actually mean? / The one-sided environmental thinking behind Avatar 2 / Don't trust ChatGPT / How do evolutionists explain how the first cells replicated? / Steve Jobs pitching educational vouchers

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